Gastric Disorders - Causes and Treatments
Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.

Types of Healthy Foods

One of the greatest ways to live a healthy life is through eating healthy foods. The consumption of healthy foods enables our body to combat any potential development of diseases. Although, some diseases are typically genetic and there’s nothing much you can do about it. Nevertheless, there are other diseases that can be prevented by eating healthy foods and a proper diet such as lung cancer, type II Diabetes and heart problems. Below are the following list of types of healthy foods and their effects in our health.

Fruits and Vegetables : These varieties of healthy foods are the most dense and full of nutrient contents. Compared to any foods they have the greatest amounts of food nutrients per calorie. Most fruits and vegetables are found to be fighters of cancer and heart problems. Vegetables have lesser sugar contents compared to fruits, nevertheless, they are healthy fruit groups to be consumed in you daily diet.
Dietary Fiber : These type of food groups helps promote balance and regularity in the system’s body. Fiber
consumption helps in controlling your calorie intake which results to the promotion of weight loss. This healthy fiber may also help in reducing your risk for having cardiovascular diseases and some certain cancers. Blood sugars of diabetic people are also controlled with the help of dietary fibers.
Lean Meat, Fish and Poultry : These food groups are good sources of protein and essential fatty acids like Omega-3. Proteins are essential to the growth and development of your body. It also helps in the maintenance and repair of our body tissues.

Healthy Fats and Carbohydrates : These food groups are essential structural components of healthy living cells and great sources of energy which is a needed diet by our body. This food groups include simple sugars, gums, cellulose and starches.

Some certain healthy foods that belong in their corresponding food types can be added to your daily diet which will give you all the needed amount of nutrients that are needed to the overall well-being of your health and body. Below are lists of certain healthy foods and their effects in our health.

Apricots : These foods are great sources of potassium, iron, vitamin C and beta carotene or vitamin A. The recommended daily intake (RDI) per serving is provided around 35%. Apricots have low calorie content; you will only get 50% of calories for three of them.

Strawberries : They are good sources of vitamin C, iron and fiber. Per ? serving of these fruits may provide an RDI percentage from 35 to 136%.The respective percent of these fruits per serving is 3.5 percent.

Asparagus: This food vegetable is very high in folate; the recommended daily intake (RDI) per serving is 20% to 50%. Folate is a very essential nutrient for pregnant women.

Spinach: This food vegetable is one good example of high density food nutrients. It has 50% of recommended daily intake (RDI) for vitamin A and around 20% for vitamin C. Spinach is also a great food source for folate, calcium and iron

Basil : This herb is great when used to add flavor in your cooking. Other than that, basil is also beneficial in so many ways. This herb is known to ease the symptoms of bronchitis and emphysema; it also helps in reducing high blood pressure. Healthy foods are available to you; all you have to do is take notice of them and all of the benefits they offer.