Gastric Disorders - Causes and Treatments
Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.

Speech Problem

Speech difficulties

As the child steps out in this world he/she start learning something or the other. Initially every child faces difficulty in speaking. Children in the age group in the off two to four years may sometimes stammer while speaking. This generally happens when they are made to speak large sentences or while learning new words. This stammering is more evident when the child is very excited or is in a hurry to tell something. During this they repeatedly speak out words like “I want the b-b-bat” or “t-t-tell me where are you going?” etc.

Normally the children in the age group of two to four years also have habit of pronouncing words in incorrect way. Fro example a child may pronounce like as “yike” or grill as “gwill”. This problem of using incorrect pronunciation is normal among kids of this age. The main reason of this incorrect pronunciation is the undeveloped muscles of the child, used during speech.

As the child grows older he/she starts using correct pronunciation and does not stammer also. With the age the speech and understanding of words and sentences improves in every child. In case this problem of stammering and mispronunciations persists even after the child is grown up, then the child needs medical attention and such child should be taken to a pediatrician. Difficulties in speech may show the symptom that the child have some learning or hearing problem. These problems if prolongs may hamper the child’s progress at the school. If the
speech problems do not improve even after the treatment prescribed by the pediatrician, then the parents of such child should admit their child in speech therapy institute, so that the child can improve his/her speaking abilities.

Benefits of Speech Therapy

In the beginning of speech therapy diagnostic tests will be carried out on the affected child. The child has to take up a speech and language test. These sorts of tests will give a clear picture about the problems a child is facing. On the basis of test results the therapist will chose and decide the program to be inducted for the child so that he/she may overcome speech problems and improve their speaking ability. This testing will also help in determining the future course of action and the further progress of the child.
Till date there is no known treatment theory for stammering. Normally the speech therapist will try and teach the child how to talk in a way which is more comfortable and easily for the child. Certainly, the speech therapy helps a child in many ways. This therapy helps the child to build up his/her self confidence and teach them how to be comfortable while speaking in a school, public gatherings or in a peer sitting.

This therapy is also very helpful for the children who face problems in pronouncing certain syllables, letters, or letter combinations. For improving the pronunciation this therapy have many methods. The therapist will choke out the exercises which enable the child to strengthen his/her immature speech muscles. Therapist will also organize classes for these children to teach them the proper pronunciations by showing them the proper placement of their tongue and lips.

The parents and caretakers have to identify and understand if their child is facing any problem in speaking and pronouncing certain words. Such children should be given help at the earliest. If such children are not attended in time, they will pose many problems for you as well as for themselves. For example such child may refuse to attend school or may show his/her negligence to participate in any social activity. This problem becomes more complex as the child grows older.