Gastric Disorders - Causes and Treatments
Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.


Meaning of SIDS

SIDS is the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This term is used when a healthy infant is put to sleep and found dead either in the night or in the morning. The occurrence of this SIDS is very rare. As per the reports this happens at the rate of less than one death for every one thousand births. Till date SIDS remains a great mystery. Generally parents are feared of SIDS.

Reasons of SIDS

As on date there is no certain theory to explain the phenomenon of SIDS. Still the exact reason is mystery. A number of doctors and researchers think that the SIDS phenomenon is related to the sleeping position of the infant. Parents and caretakers are advised never to place their child on stomachs. They are advised to place their infant on their backs or sides while sleeping. Parents and caretakers should remove all the stuff like pillows, comforters, toys and stuffed animals from baby cribs or bed before the child is put to crib or bed.

Following the correct sleeping positions

The parents and caretakers should be aware of the sleeping positions which will not affect the infant adversely. The chances of suffocation are greatly reduced when the infant is placed to sleep on his/her back. According to certain theories few babies are not able to lift their face off their bed if they are in face down position. The parents and caretakers should take all the precautions before putting the baby in the crib or on the bed. They should
remove any blanket, pillow or toys from the crib or bed, before the baby is put into crib or bed. If you do not remove these items, the baby’s face may get tucked underneath or into and the baby may face the problem of suffocation.

Parents and caretakers have to be very vigilant during the sleep of a baby. To continuously shift the sleeping position of baby is very important. In case the sleeping position is not changed, an infant’s head will become flat on one side. Turn vise shift the sleeping position form back to sides. When you place the baby on the sides, be sure that his/her lower arm is extended in their front. This exercise will decrease the chances of the baby turning on their stomach, while the baby is sleeping. In order to keep the baby’s head healthy and in normal shape, rotate the sides turn vise.
This is very important for the parents and caretakers to know when to keep a baby in a particular position. When the infant is not sleeping, you can keep the infant on his/her stomach but under your supervision, this will not cause any harm to the baby. If the baby is put on their stomach they get an opportunity to strengthen their muscles. This exercise also teaches the baby how to lift and lower their heads.

Parents and caretakers should also have the knowledge of what kind of bedding is suitable for their child. They are advised to put a tight fitting sheet on their baby’s mattress and nothing more. Always try to keep the baby warm by outfitting the baby with sleepers or other garments. During night when the baby goes to bed, he/she should be clothed according to the temperature of their room. Never try to loath the baby with too much of clothing, because this may overheat the baby’s body.