Side Effects and Health Risks of Steroid Abuse

Steroid abuse leads to many different factors. Although the use of steroids are illegal in some parts of the United States, some of them are approved for medical purposes and can be used either as intravenous, topical or oral treatment. The abuse of steroids usually happens when an individual starts using it for other purposes besides medical treatment. These purposes can be performance enhancement for bodybuilders and athletes or for the improvement of body appearances.

There are studies suggesting that steroid abuse is very popular among adolescents, the start of the abuse may happen as early as eight grade. The reason why adolescents are participating in steroid abuse this early, are mainly for good performances in sports activities. It is also commonly occurring in most adolescents with unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol drinking and other drug abuse. The estimate of steroid abuse in adult people is not very clear although many adults are found to be guilty with the same charges.

There are also studies showing that steroid abuse happens more frequently among the male gender than the female gender of any age. But more women are beginning to be aware of the use of steroids and sometimes these uses leads to the point of abuse. The abuses of steroids are also common in other sports and the highest rate of it is usually among bodybuilders. Bodybuilding is one of the major reasons for the use of steroids that frequently ends up in steroids abuse. But the abuse may vary greatly based on the individual and the sport participated in.
Physical results from the use of steroids may sometimes become very overwhelming to some people. A lot of people become very happy with the results that most of the time becomes the reason for the abuse. The possible side effects are sometimes overlooked making steroid use to possible steroid abuse. Like all manufactured drugs, steroids contain several side effects. Some of the side effects can be very unhealthy and others are simply undesirable to other people.

Some of the many side effects of steroid abuse in men are not easily visible. The signs of the side effects are detected once irreversible damages in the body has been done. These irreversible health damages may be liver damage which can lead to liver cancer, high blood pressure leading to potential heart diseases and digestive problems which are recurrent such as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, also blood clots and incidences of strokes. Other side effects include muscle cramps, joint aches, headaches, sleeping problems and increased possibilities of injuries.

Men may also experience problems related to their gender characteristics especially their sex organ. Side effects of steroid abuse in men in particular to their reproductive organs include reduction in the production of sperms which can sometimes lead to infertility. Steroids which are actually gender hormones might cause hormonal mixing of male and female hormones. Some men may notice development of female characteristics in them such as gynecomastia which is the development of excess breast tissue in men.

In general these side effects can go back to their normal conditions once the uses of steroids are stopped and there are no permanent damages made yet. That is why it is very essential for those who are planning to use steroids to know all of the possible side effects of it. When using steroids for medical purpose it is important to get physical examinations and regular blood work, to decrease the possibility of irreversible damages done to their health. Steroid abuse may be prevented with adequate knowledge of its side effects and possible heath risks.