Shave Chest Hair or Be a Chewbacca Look-Alike

Today the world is dominated by muscular lean male bodies sans chest hair. These men are lording it over magazines, movies and stage. Women love it. And the world is never the same again. So shave chest hair!

Guys started shaving off hair from their chest when they find out that their muscle toned bodies can be clearly visible without the hairy cover-up. Hair chest can also be niggling when it gets entangle in clothing and sometimes even in zippers. Besides body odor can set in when chest hair becomes thicker and long.

The shaving of hair head or chest toward smooth male bodies has been a growing trend. And most men are traumatized because they have more hair than women. Men used to laugh or raise eyebrows when women plucked, waxed or even shaved but now that’s all changed.

The best way to achieve smooth, hairless chest is to wax. Although there are options such as using razors, clippers and trimmers. You need the skill to get the desired result when using razors. Make sure you use a light touch when shaving. Apply witch-hazel instead of after-shave. Witch-hazel is cheap and lessens the side effect of razor-burn and prevents the open pores from infection.

To shave chest hair, which is by the way, the method preferred by most
guys, is cheap and you can do it by yourself in the privacy of your room. And it is actually not painful as waxing. But then again shaving can bring about the growth of stubborn stubble. Unlike waxing, where you are pulling the hair totally out of the follicle which indicates that hair will grow slowly. Waxing sort of stops dead the follicles on their tracks for the time being.

But if you think shaving is the best one for you, use high-quality razors with rich shaving gel to boot. Apply the gel or witch-hazel few minutes before you get into the shower to soften the chest hair. When you shave do it in the opposite direction that the hair grows. Take caution you might just shave off your nipples or moles.

To shave chest hair can be difficult at times. You have to do it the right way the first time or cut wounds can scar the supposedly smooth skin of the chest. Exfoliate your skin on a daily basis to keep the pores from getting clogged. Apply moisturizer after the showering. This will keep bare chest skin smooth and silky. Then apply talcum powder on your chest to help the clippers glide without hitch on your skin.

Now that you are clean shaven, this can develop self-image as well as self esteem. If you are into swimming, it can make you swim faster. Chest hair can weigh you down. Chest hair can really be a problem with teenagers as well as grown ups. The hair sort of gets in the way of power activities. To shave chest hair can just be the answer.