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Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.

Shaken Baby

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken baby means a baby who has had some kind of sever head injury. Shaken baby syndrome appears in a baby or in an infant when he/she is shaken with great force so as to cause the brain to bounce against their skull. This bouncing may result in injury, swelling and bleeding of child’s brain. This all types of injuries may damage the child’s brain permanently and also may cause the death of the baby. Normally the Shaken baby syndrome occurs due to child abuse or non-accidental physical injury.

What are the signs of Shaken Baby Syndrome?

There are various symptoms of shaken baby syndrome. These signs vary from very mild and nonspecific to very

severe. Many times the injury is so evident that a head trauma can be established very soon. Some of the most common signs of shaken baby syndrome are listed below.

  • Changes in behavior of a child are very visible if the baby is having shaken baby syndrome.
  • A child with shaken baby syndrome will show irritation.
  • Child with shaken baby syndrome will become very lethargic.
  • Loss of consciousness is the sign of shaken baby syndrome
  • Baby’s skin color may turn pale or bluish if the baby is having shaken baby syndrome.
  • Vomiting is another sign of shaken baby syndrome.
  • Convulsions are the other symptom of shaken baby syndrome. The convulsions may include violent irregular motion of limbs or body, violent disturbance and uncontroable laughter.

In some cases of shaken baby you may find broken, injured or dislocated bones. You may also notice some injuries on the neck and spine of the baby. While you are with the doctor do not hide anything from doctor so that the doctor can treat your baby properly and give the child adequate treatment as per the kind of injury. In case your baby has been shaken, this is your prime duty to inform the doctor of the same.

Is there any treatment for the Shaken Baby Syndrome?

In this modern era, almost all the injuries and diseases are curable. Hence the answer to this question of “is there any treatment for the shaken baby syndrome” is certainly yes. But the parents and caretakers should not delay in case their baby has been shaken, otherwise it may be too late. In case of shaken baby, immediate emergency treatment is very important. Normally this treatment includes stopping of internal bleeding and relieving increased intracranial pressure.

Phenomenon of Prognosis

Prognosis means the forecasting the future course a disease will take. Generally the prognosis for the children who are having shaken baby syndrome is very rare and also not very correct. In a number of cases of shaken baby syndrome, the child will be left with a considerable amount of disability. Injury to retina may result in loosing of eye sight. A child with shaken baby syndrome may require treatment as long as the baby is alive. Brian damage injuries such as mental retardation or cerebral palsy will require regular medical attention through out the life of the baby.

Shaken Baby Syndrome – complications

According to the results of surveys about 25-30% of babies with shaken baby syndrome, do not survive and die due to the injuries sustained. The children those who survive, will face some or the other complication as long as they remain alive. Because of injuries to a baby’s brain the baby will have many complications. Some of the common problems a baby may have are memory cognition, motor functioning, bodily functions, perceptual systems, and speech.