Scalp Products for Bald Guys: Aromatherapy, Drugs, or Hair Care Products?

Going bald, thinning hair, receding hairline men are panicking. They are constantly on the move in quest of the right scalp products for bald guys. They want to grow back their hair. It is projected that in every group of 100 men ranging from ages 18 to 80, roughly speaking 12 to 80 percent of them will go bald. It is caused more often than not by heredity. Men whose fathers where bald at an early age are likely to bald themselves. And you cannot choose your father.

However environmental factors like pollution, cigarette smoke and radiation can contribute to hair being coarse and dirty. It is therefore of utmost importance for men to seek help from scalp products developed for this purpose. The market abounds. The options are wide and open. But some of the well accepted are sold as shampoo treatments such as NU-grow, New Generation, Young Hair, Hair Grow, Hair 2-U, Farm Hair and AidooAid. The scalp product COUVRE’ is use as a hair enhancer while Fast Flock and Toppick come as aerosol sprays.
But there is another scalp product for bald guys called Rogaine that is gaining momentum as a most sought after topical hair treatment and so does Hair Geneses. Another product that has gained quite a following is PROPICA. This is a pill taken orally to encourage hair growth in men.

Patiently but surely these scalp products for bald guys might just be the solutions to your hair and scalp problems. If one does not suit your requirements go to the next. Explore your options. You just might hit it. But as always be on the look out for side effects as these can prove costly in the long run. Read the labels for avoidance.
The first thing people notice after your face is your head. Naturally the hair is the bone of contention. You are already spending time and effort to choose a good shirt, so why not take a few minutes more to make sure your hair looks as good. Complement your dress style with your hairstyle. Good looking hair can be envy.

The right scalp products for bald guys do not stop with chemically produced products; natural treatments can give back your hair as well. They might come in the form of vitamins and herbs. The most popular among them will be saw palmetto. This is touted to be very effective in preventing hair loss. The component of which is very similar to that of PROPICA, an anti androgenic drug known as finasteride. But when it comes to drugs always discuss with your doctor what is best for you.

Aromatherapy according to a research study can also augment hair growth on bald spots of the scalp. The essential oils and herbs mixture can stimulate the growth of hair. Specifically essential oils lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, and thyme blended with jojoba oil can breathtakingly restore hair growth as this amalgam is massage gently into the scalp before bed.

There are several scalp products for bald guys, and choosing the right one to use should be given careful consideration to ensure that you get the appropriate one for your use.