Questions to ask your Doctor


Before going to your doctor and asking him about diabetes, it would be great if you have a basic idea on what to interact with him. So a little knowledge about diabetes is an important thing before you hold an interaction with your doctor. Cover below are some bare facts about diabetes, after which there are some questions that you should ask your doctor and educate yourself about diabetes.

Diabetes is taking place in your body when there are excess sugars in your body. The excess sugars are nothing but sugars that could not be converted to energy by the body. The sugars are converted into energy by the insulin that is being produced by the pancreas. Now this knowledge is sufficient for one to question your doctor about diabetes. Stated below are some questions that will serve as a guideline for asking questions to your doctor. The questions that you ask may not be the same, but you can surely take a few helpful hints from these questions.


1) What exactly is diabetes?
2) What types of diabetes are there and under what category do you classify my diabetes?
3) Does weight have anything to do with diabetes? If so what should be my ideal weight? If my family has got a history of diabetic disorders, what ideal weight should I maintain?
4) As a diabetic patient what should I take and in what quantities? Should I take a heavy meal at one go or should I take small meals in short intervals?
5) What is the prescribed medication for diabetes? When should I take it? Can I take medication for diabetics on an empty stomach?
6) Is it necessary for me to check the blood glucose levels frequently on a day to day basis? Should I vary my medication based on the result of the blood glucose level tests?
7) If I am checking my blood glucose levels at home, what time should I take my blood glucose levels?
8 ) When my blood glucose level is within limits, can I skip a medication?
9) Is there any indication that I will feel when my blood glucose level is too high?
10) Is there any indication that I will feel when my blood glucose level is too low?
11) Will low blood glucose levels cause any danger to my body?
12) What diet procedure should I adopt for a healthy life style?
13) What side effects will surface after prolonged use of diabetic medication?
14) Is there something like a one time shot for controlling blood glucose level?
15) Is there any medication other than Insulin that will help me in maintaining blood glucose levels?
16) Is diabetics a disability? Can I live a normal life with diabetics?
17) When I have diabetes for a longer duration of my life span what are the side effects?
18) Can I reproduce, after I am affected by diabetes?
19) Will I be able to have an active sex life after I am affected by diabetes?
20) What has cholesterol and high blood pressure got to do with diabetes?
21) At frequency should I be visiting my doctor?
22) Does smoking have anything to do with diabetes?
23) Is there any physical deformation that I will experience to indicate that I have got diabetes