Gastric Disorders - Causes and Treatments
Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.


About Puberty or Adolescence

The progress of human body starts from the day they come in this world. Human body goes through continuous bodily changes and progress. The stage where human body starts transferring from childhood to sexual maturity is known as adolescence. In other terms the adolescence is also known as puberty. During this stage the body of boys and girls go through many significant changes. Boys as well as girls grow in height and their weight also increases. It is generally believed that during adolescence children grow at a faster rate.

Generally the starting age of puberty in girls is eight years and in case of boys this age is around nine years. In case of some children the puberty may start as late as they are thirteen years of age (includes both sexes). A child who has not entered puberty by the middle of their thirteenth year as well as the child, who has entered puberty at eight or nine, should be taken to doctor.

The growth rate during puberty is different in boys and girls, normally the girls grow an average of three inches every year for up to a period of two years. With the beginning of menstrual cycle in girls, they will grow at rate of one or two inches per year. Most of the girls gain their adult height by the time they turn up fifteen years. In terms of weight the girls will put on near about 30 pounds during their puberty period.

In case of boys the growth rate during puberty will be at an average of four
inches per year. The height of boys grows continuously during puberty and they gain their adult height by the age of nineteen years. In terms of weight the boys will gain an average of thirty pounds.

Adolescence period in girls

Boys should be fully educated about their body and their reproductive system, as well. When talking to a boy, try to use the correct terms for their body parts, and reproductive organs. One of the first signs of a boy is in puberty is that his testicles will become larger. He may also notice that he has body odor coming from his armpits. As he enters advance stages of puberty, sparse pubic hair will begin to grow, and ejaculation may start occurring during sleep. Voice changes may occur and boys may sound pitchy or scratchy. Next, a boy may notice that his penis is becoming longer or thicker. Hair will start growing thicker in the groin area. Hair will begin to grow in the armpits, and on the chin and upper lip. Lastly, chest hair will grow.
Sex education is as important as normal education. As the body of girls goes through many physical changes during puberty, they should be provided with knowledge about their body, reproductive system and also about the menstrual cycle. Girls should be educated about the proper terms for their genital area. The girls should be molded in such a way that they do not feel ashamed of the changes their body is going through. The very first symptom of puberty in girls is the enlargement in the size of their nipples and appearance of little public hair. Gradually the girls will go through continuous growth in the breasts, public hair, hair in the armpits, changes in skin and starting of menstruation cycle.

Adolescence period in boys

In case of the same rules holds good as in the case of a girl. Boys should be taught about their body as well as about their reproductive system. Whenever you communicate to a boy try to use the proper terms for their body parts and other private parts of the body. The beginning of puberty in boys is marked by the increase in size of their testicles. The other sign of puberty is the body odor coming out of his armpits. As the boy progresses he may notice some public hair and also he may experience ejaculation during sleep. The boys may go through changes in their voice; the voice may sound pitchy or scratchy. The other significant symptom of puberty is enlargement in size and thickness of pennies. Hair growth in groin area, armpits and on the chin & upper lip will take place during puberty. In the last stage of puberty chest hair will also appear.

Boys as well as girls will go through many hormone changes during puberty. While interacting with them be open, honest and casual. Children should be treated in a friendly way. They should feel free to speak to you at any time and on any subject.