Protect Bald Scalp and Avoid Skin Cancer

The sun can be cruel to men with thinning hair, bald and completely bald, or even men with receding hairline. The UV rays from the sun when skin is exposed to it can cause damage and harm sometimes irreparable. The Skin Cancer Foundation has approximated that 90% of malignant skin cancer is due to prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun without the proper means to protect bald scalp. The scalp being the highest point on the body is susceptible to the dangers the sun’s rays bring.

To protect bald scalp is to go for sunscreens, caps, hats whatever it takes to hide the scalp from the scorching heat of the sun. With sunscreens the thing to look for is their sun protection factor (SPF). You can easily see the SPF in any bottle of sunscreen. It is represented by the numbers SPF 15, SPF 30 and SPF 40. The numbers in a way informs you of how much protection you can get from the UVB rays. These dreaded rays are responsible for damaging the skin temporarily or permanently. These rays also can make wrinkles appear on the skin. Opt for a sunscreen lotion with zinc oxide or avobenzone. Application will depend on how much time you are going to spend under the sun.

In addition use hats for added protection aside of course from making a fashion statement. It is mandatory. Choose one with a wide enough brim all around to protect your eyes also. Baseball hats are not enough to protect the rest of your head. Consider also the fabric the hat is made of. It does matter to securely protect bald scalp.

This is one part of the body that has not been given much attention by humans. Make it a habit to examine
your scalp every now and then. There could be mole growth on its skin. As we all know a mole, small though it may seem is the first step to something bigger and dangerous.

The harmful effects of the sun’s rays do not only target your face, the rays can also end in harm to the skin on your scalp. Shaved head or receding hairline is exposing more skin to these elements. Environmental factors that can cause harm to the skin are not only a considerable health concern, but they can also hurry up the indications of aging.

Today there are skin care products developed solely for men. The products include the entire head. These skin care products are specially formulated for men who shaved their head bald. So to protect bald scalp, moisturizers are available fro maximum scalp protection. Formulation comprised of a different blends of natural antioxidants.

A call to protect bald scalp reverberates from head to head. Prevent skin cancer. It is the most rampant of all cancers. And over exposure to the sunlight without proper protection is the culprit. Even on cloudy days you cannot escape from the biting heat of the sun’s rays.