What Is Sex with Priapism?

Another penile disorder which can hamper sexual gratification is called priapism. This condition becomes manifest when the blood that flow through the penis becomes trapped and unable to drain. If treatment is delayed the damage it can bring to the penis is sometimes irreversible. Normal erection can be nipped in the bud during sexual activity. Sometimes the resulting end is permanent erectile dysfunction.

But there is no need to fear. This penile condition is a rare occurrence. It can occur in all age groups, including newborns. The usual manifestations are when there is persistent erection when sexually stimulated and painful erection during sexual stimulation.
How does priapism come to be? In some adults cases of priapism are the result of sickle-cell disease. Roughly 42% of adults with sickle-cell disease will likely to develop this condition. Aside from this disease other causes are spinal cord disorder, inflammation of the urethra, leukemia (children with priapism commonly have leukemia). When this is injury to the blood vessel that controls erection, this most likely will also lead to this penile problem.
Another cause of this penile condition can be the disproportionate response to alpostradil therapy for the cure of impotence. Use or misuse of drugs to treat depression or certain mental illnesses can also bring about this circumstance. Further aggravating the situation is men being treated for erectile dysfunction. Injection therapy treatments done to treat erectile dysfunction are most likely to cause priapism.

In exceptional cases, this condition can also be said to be related to cancers that can affect the penis and put off outpouring of blood. But do not forget that unlawful use of drugs like marijuana and cocaine can stimulate this painful penile situation.

Treatment varies from cause to cause. Ordinarily, placing a towel covered ice pack over the penis can top the persistent erection. In some cases a doctor will need to extract blood from the penis. However medications or treatment you have employed, it is always best to be wary of complications.

During and after treatment complications of varying levels can occur. There is a possibility for priapism to recur. During the shunting procedure, holes are placed on the penis and bleeding might happen. At the same time infections in all probability will set in such as infection of the skin around the penis. Treatment and medications over done can cause damage to the urethra and the urine tube.

The persistent erection of the penis in the absence of sexual stimulation for long can be the reason why it is called priapism. Priapus, the Greek God of fertility, the son of Aphrodite was said to have huge genitalia, like it is always having an erection. He was the god of the gardens, bees, goats, and sheep. He had an enormous tongue, a fat belly and his penis was so gigantic that he was made scarecrow in the fields.

Under normal conditions erection because of sexual stimulation does not last for four long hours. The condition is not linked with sexual excitement, least not initially. But in any case you have to be alert and report any aberrations.