To Avoid Premature Ejaculation, Don’t Think Sex

Men in their sexual activities, even in their sleep, normally find themselves emitting fluid from the urethra of their penis. But most of the time this occurs during an orgasm. However when an ejaculation happens sooner than you and your partner expect, it is called premature ejaculation.

The condition is described as by being incapable to delay ejaculation for the mutual benefit of both partners. This is a common sexual disorder. But not always caused by a physical or morphological problem. It has been thought to be caused by mental and emotional upheavals such anxiety or overstimulation in a relationship. Further more, negative way of thinking is also a contributing factor although not as much.

For some men premature ejaculation can be more than just anxieties and negative thinking. This condition can also be traced to erectile dysfunction. But men need not fear. This physical circumstance can be treated. It can be either through medications, psychological counseling or studying sexual performances. These treatments will hopefully delay ejaculation to enhance sex with you and your partner.

But nothing beats practice and relaxation. Think other than sexual thoughts. Know your body and how it works. The better you are in sync with your body the best will be your sexual performance. Once a man gets in the swing of things he will be in control. He can have as much as orgasm as he wants in tune with his partner.

Communication can also play an important role in averting premature ejaculation. Inform your partner when ever you getting there. So she can also fast track her way to orgasm. This is all just a matter of discipline. Condition your mind towards achieving the skill of lasting longer. An example of a real cure would be learning to manage anxiety during sexual intercourse.

But do not be over confident. Qualified experts have written that although both psychological and biological factors most likely to cause this condition, it can also be caused by a lifelong problem. Seek doctor’s advice. Find ways to have a satisfying sex encounter with your partner. Try effective clinical tutorials and whatever it takes to achieve a healthy sex life for better relationship. It is common knowledge that sex is an integral part in a relationship between a man and his partner. So explore your options.

Pride yourself in good timing with your partner. Rapid occurrence of climax and ejaculation in the male at the height of sexual activity which neither he nor his partner wishes can be caused for distraught. Check out the doctors. Read the health journals. Just do it.

Don’t take premature ejaculation for granted because it can eat your mind away. Gnawing feelings have a way of showing up. Your partner might not just able to understand you. Give yourself sometime. Share something other than sex. You would be better off talking it over with your partner. This can help place the basis for a more rewarding relationship, sexual or otherwise.