Penile Enlargement Techniques

Penile enlargement is also referred to as “male enhancement procedures” especially in television advertisements. This can be through surgery or allegedly effective techniques to make the penis of the male species larger than its original size.
The average size of the penis is 127 to 178mm or five up to seven inches. This size is measured from the abdomen to the end tip of the penis head. Penis sizes have been a very controversial and also the very sensitive issue when it comes to the masculine genitalia including gay men. The penis enlargement business is already a booming success. But before you try doing this, it’s best to know the facts and be on guard from the false promising techniques of penis enlargement.

Phalloplasty which also refers to penile enlargement refers to the construction or reconstruction of the penis through artificial surgery modifications.

The common techniques of penile enlargement in the market these days are numerous. These common techniques include exercises, vacuum pumps, hanging weights, medication, pills and surgery.

Exercises that promotes penile enlargement, like weight training, strength training and conditioning; promising a bigger penis through the use of these exercise methods. But if science intervenes, these exercise methods are busted; weight training, strength training and conditioning cannot increase the size of the penis any other way because there are no muscles in it.

Hanging weights from the end tip of the penis may seem very outrageous to some people, but some men believe that by doing this oldest method of penis enhancements results of bigger penis can be achieved. This penis enhancement method is done repeatedly over time but there is really no scientific basis on this. There were actually no events of enlargement over the years. The side effects of the weights are lesions, decreased sensation in the penis area, and stretch marks.

Miracle pills and other penile enlargement medications can be found almost everywhere, television advertisements, newspaper and magazine ads and on the internet. With great promise of making your penis much bigger than it usually is. This advertised penis enlarger medications are not regulated and there are no FDA –approved pills or medications yet as of today.

While Vacuum pumps may sound to be the most reasonable and easier to perform penile enlargement technique by pumping and forcing blood into the shaft of the penis; it can also result to damages to the blood vessels, loss of feeling and impotence or erectile dysfunction.

The most advanced technique of penile enlargement is through surgery. This procedure is done by cutting suspensory ligament responsible for elongating your penis. But because of the numbers of potential safety risks of this procedure most doctors are not too willing to perform it. It is greatly advised that surgical procedures should never be performed at home under any circumstances or performing a surgery without the administration of highly qualified medical professionals.

Penile enlargement is gaining popularity in the market and more and more men wanting to achieve a bigger penis are encouraged to undergo surgeries and try other penile enlargement techniques. Many products are claiming to be the ultimate solution, but always remember that there hasn’t been any scientifically proven method of penile enlargement without potential risks.