Orchitis Problems

It is a known story that adult males may be affected by infertility problems once they have acquired mumps virus. It can be potentially possible because of orchitis. But infertility problems due to mumps-related orchitis are very rare events especially when the inflammation occurred in one of the testicles only. Research showed that only one-third of mumps infected males are likely to develop orchitis. Orchitis is a medical condition in which both testicles are inflamed accompanied by pain, fever, swelling, and heavy sensation in the affected area.

The onset symptoms of orchitis are gradual increase of pain, blood in semen, discharge from penis, tenderness, and swelling of the testicles which can only be one or both of them, nausea, and fever. Orchitis is also otherwise known as testicle pain.

Causes of this condition may be a number of viral or bacterial infections. Most cases of viral infected orchitis are usually the result of mumps. Males who contracted mumps about one-third of them, during their puberty develops orchitis throughout the course of their mumps. The onset is usually after four to six days. When the orchitis is caused by a bacterial infection, epididymitis is often the reason for it. Epididymitis happens when the elongated cordlike structure that is connected to the vas deferens and the testicles which is the epididymis, is suffering from inflammation. When the inflammation of the epididymis spreads through out the testicles, the result of this condition is known to be epididymo-orchitis. Highest incidents of epididymo-orchitis acquired through sexual intercourse usually occur in men from 19 to 25 of age. Non-sexually related forms of infection are usually because of anatomical deficiency in the urinary tract or having a medical devices or a catheter inserted into the penis before.

Several risk factors that may contribute to the development of orchitis are the following; didn’t have mumps immunization, reoccurring urinary tract infections, maturity factor, urinary tract infections due to genital surgeries and congenital malformations of the urinary tract. High-risk sexual activities that may cause sexually transmitted diseases can also be a potential cause of sexually transmitted orchitis. These sexual behaviors include having sexual intercourse without the use of condoms; sexual intercourse with STD infected partners and multiple sexual partners.

If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms immediately seek for medical advice, it is highly recommended not to ignore the symptoms. Although a lot of condition can cause testicular inflammations and pain, most of them also require immediate treatment. One such condition which involves the twisting of the testicular cord or testicular torsion may cause similar pain which is felt with orchitis conditions. Only medical professional in this field are the ones who can administer proper diagnostics and tests that will determine the cause of your testicular pains. Doctors may advise patients with orchitis to have plenty of bed rest and ice packs for the reduction of the swelling.

Orchitis may be prevented in a lot of ways, it is not a very serious condition if it is diagnosed and treated at an early stage. Exercising proper sexual behaviors can help prevent having this kind of condition.