What You Need to Know Regarding Peyronie’s Disease

There are a lot of problems that can affect a man’s ability to have sex. One common example would be erectile dysfunction, wherein the male finds it hard to acquire an erection. Peyronie’s disease is also a problem which could affect sexual activity. Guys who suffer from this disease may see a curvature on their erect penis. This curvature is due to a scar which forms within the patient’s organ. For men who do not have Peyronie’s disease, they get a full erection due to the blood which rushes to their organ. But for the men who have this disease tend to experience a curvature during erection due to the scarred tissue. As the blood rushes, it does not fill the affected tissue. When this happens, the penis does not erect fully. There are times when the scarred tissue hardens into lumps. These lumps, which are referred to as plaques, are hard.

The term for this disease is derived from a physician who lives in France. Peyronie’s disease is not connected to any type of infection, sexual practice, contagious disease, or tumor. When you are between 40 to 60, you are more likely to be affected with this. If ever you are affected with Peyronie’s disease, it will be hard or impossible for you to engage in sexual activities. You will know that you have this disease when you experience symptoms like the shortening and the curving of your organ. Another common symptom would be pain during erections. Experts do not know the exact reason why some men develop this disease. However, some of the guys who have it have suffered from an injury to their penis; leading to a scar tissue.

Although Peyronie’s disease can interfere with your sexual life, you might not need treatment for it. There are some cases which do not require medications; since the disease tends to just go away. But when your case is severe, it might be hard to look for treatments. What is more, it can be hard for you to search for cures each time you experience a symptom of the disease. However, there are alternatives for taking away the changes that might affect your organ.

When you are in the early stage of the disease, you require Tamoxifen. This is a medication which stops the scar tissue from hardening into lumps. On the other hand, vitamins B and E are also efficient ways of easing your pain and the deformity of your penis. Verapamil is also effective when it comes to reducing the plaque’s size. It can also lessen the pain when the medication is directly injected to the plaque. Like the former treatment, Verapamil can also enhance the distortion of the penis.

In other hospitals, medical experts utilize a therapy which uses extracorporeal shock wave. Although the long-term effect of this treatment has not been determined yet, its initial results to cure Peyronie’s disease are quite promising. When your disease has lasted for over one year, you can choose to go through surgery. If you opt for surgery, you will go through a procedure known as Nesbitt. This requires the removal of the tissue which is opposite the curve in order to make your penis straight. This procedure is performed when your disease has gotten worse within three months.