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Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.

My Asthma

My Asthma

The following description is extraordinary and I have to give second thought before posting it. It was April 28th when I started making rough notes about my experience with the asthma. It was a coincidence that exact ten years back, on 28th April 1996 I experienced the near death experience owing to the very cause of asthma.

If you believe that the asthma rate is from 1-10 I would categorize myself as 10 considering my worst asthma condition and terrible experience I had. I faced first asthma attack only after attaining age of 30 years. Before that I was quiet healthy. Most of the doctors I consulted to get my asthma condition treated convinced me that I have to suffer this condition throughout my rest life. I was so frustrated that I gave up all hopes of controlling this condition. I was worn out by the numerous trips to hospital emergency room. At hospital, my physicians tried his best to keep my airways from totally shutting down. I strictly followed the instruction given by my physician to control asthma. Despite all efforts my asthma was out of control. During the same period, I remembered of a video documentary which was telecasted in recent past. The documentary showed several people hiking the Appalachian Trail. Being adventurous in nature I would have liked to undertake the hiking. But then I remember of my asthma condition and was convinced that I would not be able to undertake such activities in my life. This made me very sad.

Ten years later, I suffered an asthma attack which was a near death experience. In brief, the intensity of attack was so that I could barely made it to home and collapsed on front porch. Seeing my condition my wife called for emergency medical services. I had serious breathing problems. In fact I had terrible feeling of total shut down of breathing. I was bleu, unable to breath and my heart had stopped till the time paramedics arrived. By the time the paramedics arrived, I was in full cardiac & respiratory arrest. After their arrival they have to work on me for about 45 minutes and conduct the CPR. Though the treatment given by paramedics helped me in achieve some relief I was made to take intensive care for next several days. I was lucky to get the timely treatment which helped me in early recovery. Many newspapers used my suffering and subsequent relief for writing articles. Even I was approached by a TV show for interview. They also intend to do an episode on this.

I have a point to prove that is why all this rambling. According to medical theories, if a person gets asthma he has to stay with the asthma for whole of his life as there is not cure for it. Many years back I tried and experimental asthma cure with the help of my physician. It produced amazing results. Believe me. After that cure I never had asthma again. I was surprised with the results it produced and wondering why such a cure was not introduced by the mainstream medical therapies. To my mind, such miraculous cure was not introduced in the mainstream just because asthma medication is the biggest source of revenue for pharmaceutical and medical industry. It would not be appropriate to speculate on this aspect further.

The research which I discovered by Dr David L Hahn of Madison, Wisconsin provide the solution for me. Study of bacteria called Chlamydia Pnuemoniae is involved in the research. Bacteria Chlamydia Pnuemoniae is responsible for most forms of the asthma if not all. According to available statistics, about 64% of asthma onset in adults is attributed to these bacteria. Fortunately, large numbers of people suffering from asthma were successfully cured in the studies. Exposure of your body to Chlamydia Pnuemoniase bacteria can be determined on the basis of markers detected during specific blood test. Once the presence of these bacteria was confirmed, I took several treatments of powerful antibiotics. The process was some what lengthy as it took almost six months to get me free from whatever was in me. I was little frustrated as I did not obtain the desired results and relief after first treatment. My worries increased further when I did not get immediate relief even after second treatment. But then the stage came when I got total relief from asthma. To be honest, I got the relief from my asthma due to this treatment and now I am cent percent asthma free and confident to undertake my long outstanding dream of exploring the trail.

I have written this to help the asthma sufferers to gain some moral support (which is very important for cure of any disease0 and they should not feel frustrated by initial results and continue with their treatment for curing asthma.