Mallet Toe

General Information

Toes are important parts of human body. Despite this fact most of the people does not pay adequate attention toward toe care. Though abnormalities developed in toes may not be serious in nature it can cause certain serious implications. Imagine performing your routine activities with a disabled or injured toe. This imagination itself will make you understand the importance of toes. To avoid such condition it is better to pay proper attention towards your toes. An injured or abnormal toe can result in complications such as Heel Fasciitis or Heel spurs, mallet toe and even ingrown toenails. Never take a chance. Adopt preventing measures and avoid these painful conditions that could restrict your movement and routine activities.

Mallet Toe

Inability to strengthen the joint present at the toe end is termed as mallet toe condition. The mallet toe is characterized by turned toe tip that is turned downward against the shoe. Though less harmful, the mallet toe can cause pressure and discomfort while doing routine activities like waling, running etc.

In mallet toe condition, pain is caused due to excessive rubbing of affected toe against the upper shoe sole. If ignored, this condition may result in development of corn.

In some cases mallet toe are more painful and causes extreme discomfort. Pain and discomfort produced by mallet toe can aggravate if mis-fitting footwear are used for prolonged periods. You must ensure that shoes you buy are of proper size and have cushion.

Causes behind development of Mallet Toe

Muscle and bone imbalances are considered as the major cause behind most cases of development of mallet toe. People with active lifestyle are on higher risk of developing mallet toe owing to such muscle and bone imbalances. Exaggerated imbalances have been observed in people with active lifestyle.

Treatment of Mallet Toe

There are certain remedies available for treating mallet toe. Most of these remedies are aimed at eliminating pressure, reducing friction, and transferring forces from sensitive areas. The method of treatment depends upon the nature of mallet toe.

Following are some of the commonly used methods for treating mallet toe.

  • Using footwear that has broad toe area and high toe
  • Use of gel toe shields
  • Use of gel toe caps
  • Use of gel toe crest

Treatment may take considerably longer time for cure as it may not be possible for you to avoid causes behind development of mallet toe or causes behind aggravation of mallet toe such as pressure, friction etc.
Hence it is advisable that you wear shoes that are best fitting, have broad toe area, have cushions and provide comfort, and reduce risk of developing mallet toe.