Low Back Pain

As is suggestive from the term pain in the lower portion of back is called as low back pain. Almost all people experience this pain at least one time during their life. Low back pain is the third largest common medical condition. Cold and flu symptoms are the first and second.

There are many ways in which low back pain can strike. Burning, dull pain, numbness or tingling is examples of some of the most common types of pain. At times the back pain may spread or radiate to buttocks and even into legs.

Low back pain can occur instantly with intensity or in some cases such pain may increase gradually over period of time. Such increasing pain may get worse progressively. Some people experience episodes of back pain bouts. Such pain persists for a specific period and then vanishes thereafter, to recur after some period.

Men and women, both are victims of low back pain. Low back pain cases are found mainly in the people between age group of 25 and 60 years. Low back pain is considered as the most common prevalent cause of disability in people below 45 years age. In America, low back pain is the fifth most common medical condition that compiles hospitalization.

Symptoms of Low Back Pain

There are number of symptoms related to low back pain. Stiffness, severe pain, tingling, numbness and radiating pain towards buttocks or legs (generally one sided) are some of the common symptoms of low back pain. Worsening of pain while coughing, twisting, sneezing or after prolonged sitting position are other common symptoms of low back pain.

Factors causing low back pain

There are various factors that can lead to occurrence of low back pain. Stress, disc problems (n the spine) and even normal muscle strains can lead to occurrence of low back pain.

Spine Disc Problems :

Disc problem is one of the major factors attributing towards low back pain. Discs, made up of tough tissues, function as a shock absorber in the spine. At times the spine disc may become weak, bulge out or press against nerve. This leads to occurrence of pain in low back.

Hope for Low Back Pain sufferers

Fortunately there are some options to prevent, treat and cure low back pain. When an individual suspects of suffering from low back pain he must consult a qualified medical practitioner for treatment. After ascertaining cause behind occurrence of y our low back pain, your doctor will decide the most suitable line of treatment.

You must consult your doctor immediately, if your experience one or some of the following symptoms.

  • Back pain accompanied with loss of control over bowel and bladder movements. Loss of sensation (feeling) in arms or legs; or begin dragging a foot or leg.
  • Back pain combined with high fever. Such high fever is attributable to spine infection.
  • Severe pain in back and rapid loss of weight. Generally this condition is led by development of tumor on spine.