There are a lot of infections and diseases which affect thousands of individuals. Some of these diseases seem to be quite gender-biased since they only affect one gender. In general, these diseases affect the sex organs of the patients. While the women go through infections in their vaginal areas, men seem to be more vulnerable to complicated diseases. One of these is Phimosis, making the foreskin of the penis’ head tighten. When the foreskin tightens, this stops it from pulling back. This problem usually affects boys who have just been born. When you have this problem, your erections are painful. When your case gets severe, you will find it hard to urinate. There are some cases of this disease which results to balanitis.

You will know that you are affected with Phimosis when you go through various symptoms. One would be the incapacity to retract the foreskin of your penis. Another symptom would be the difficulty to urinate, wherein the stream of your urine is thin. If you have other urinary infections, there is a huge possibility that you might have Phimosis. When your condition worsens, complications may occur. The most common complications include infections under your penis’ foreskin; and the narrowing of your penile opening. There are also some men who might be affected with malignant growths. However, this complication is quite rare. Other complications include difficulty in urinating and pain during erections.

In order to ease your pain, you need to treat Phimosis. One treatment alternative is the gradual and gentle stretching of your penis’ foreskin. Do this daily for weeks, along with the use of warm water and soap. If you have not been circumcised yet, now would be a good time to get circumcision.

When your foreskin is tight, this is not healthy for you. Aside from putting you in pain, it is considered as lack of personal hygiene since you can’t properly wash underneath the foreskin of your penis. When you are not able to wash it thoroughly, you are at risk of developing infections and smegma.

Your foreskin moves back at the back of its head when you engage in sex. But when the foreskin tightens, having sex will be really painful. This is due to the friction which irritates the foreskin. You will be able to get several benefits when you are able to retract your foreskin. Most of these benefits have something to do with greater pleasure during sexual intercourse and preventing the occurrence of infections. In order for you to keep yourself from being affected by infections and other diseases, you need to retract your foreskin.

When Phimosis gets complicated, it can lead to balinitis. This is a condition wherein the head of your penis gets inflamed. Men who have not been circumcised are more prone to this disease. This is due to the existence of the penis’ foreskin. Due to the tightening of your foreskin, you are creating a damp environment for faster microorganism growth. The organisms which are related with balanitis are already present before the development of the disease. But due to the tight foreskin, their number increases and you will develop the disease.