Gastric Disorders - Causes and Treatments
Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.

Head Banging

Head Banging and causes of Head Banging

Head banging can develop in both kinds of children who are in a healthy physical shape and are emotionally happy as well as in the children who are having development problem and sensory problem.
It is largely believed that the habit of head banging develop in children of their own and this head banging bears a self calming effect on the children. This head banging is similar to other activities a baby becomes habitual like thumb sucking or fondness of a toy or blanket. Those children who bang their head, at some point of their life have felt the rocking or rhythmic sensations very claming. The rocking or rhythmic sensations are also an aid for sleeping of this kind of children. In case of some children this head banging may be a way of feeling happy or animating themselves. The children who have this problem of head banging may also go through phases of bad temper. To me or you this will appear that the child is trying to injure himself, but in fact the child is child trying to get rid of stress or tension.

In case of those kids who have some defects like blindness, deafness and are feeling bored or lonely will find this head banging as a way of stimulating themselves. On the other hand who grow in a very emotional environment may find head banging very calming. Sometimes this head banging is the sign that the child is suffering from disease like autism, tourette syndrome and seizure disorders.

When to consider head banging serious

This head banging issue should be taken very seriously. Those children who have head banging problem for a longer period and are not aware or not responding to what is happening around them, they should be taken to a pediatrician at the earliest. Medical attention should immediately be given to the children who are calmed only by head banging or they are not responding to any attempt of communication.

If a child is banging his head excessively and also trying to hurt him/her may be suffering from developmental disability. This kind of children should be provided with medical attention at the earliest. The doctor may advise to wear a helmet so that the children don’t injure themselves.

Children of old age who have the problem of head banging may require examination by a psychologist. In this case the psychologist will help out the children the cause of their stress and will also teach them ways how to cope up with that.

Necessity of Pediatrician

Head banging is generally considered normal and such children do not require any medical attention. But don’t take a chance and keep the child’s pediatrician informed about the behavior of the child. The general saying that excess of everything is bad, holds good in this case also. Almost all the pediatricians believes the children who have this habit of head banging should be left alone until the head banging becomes excessive or resulting in some kind of injury to the child. In most of the children this head banging vanishes with the age.

Prevention of head injury

The children are very sensitive and sensible from the very early age, they do not get serious injuries while head banging. The sensation of pain automatically stops the children from banging their head too hard. Another reason of this is that the kids below 3 months do not have enough strength and force to bring damage to their brain or developing neurological problems. Children while banging their head generally strike the front or side of head. A child who is learning how to walk or climb may fall or get his/her head struck many times. But the built of head is such that it can bear minor head strikes. Normally the children who bang their head, grows up normally.