What is Hammer Toe?

General Information about Hammer Toe

Toe is an important organ of the human body. You must have seen some people with bent toe. This bent is caused due to deformity condition of the toe and is known as hammer toe. In other words, downward bending of toe like a claw, caused due to deformity condition of the toe is called as hammer toe. Normally, such deformity toe condition is observed in the second toe. However, it is not necessary that the deformity condition will affect only second toe it can affect any toe.

Causes behind occurrence of Hammer Toe

For preventing, treating and curing any disease it is important to know the root cause of development of such condition. Likewise it is important to understand the causes behind occurrence of hammer toe.

Wearing compressive shoes (shoes that does not fit you comfortably) is considered as main cause behind hammer toe. Even a bunion, a corn on the top of toe and a callus on foot sole, can lead to occurrence of hammer toe as bunion create pressure and make walking painful. You may even develop a high foot arch. An individual can have hammer toe since birth or his hammer toe may develop subsequently as a result of wearing short, narrow shoes. Most cases of hammer toe in children are result of rapid outgrowing of shoes.

At times the hammer toe is genetic in nature and is caused due to foot nerve disorders.

High heeled footwear may also lead to development of this condition because such footwear not only bunch your toe but also make your body weight to push the toe forward further.

From the above it is evident that most of the hammer toe conditions are a result of wearing improper fitting shoes. To avoid such condition it is better to be careful while selecting y our shoes. Right fitting, comfortable shoes that reduce the pressure and bunching of toe are the right choice for preventing such condition.

Treatment of Hammer Toe

You must have understood the importance of wearing right fitting shoes for avoiding occurrence of Hammer Toe. Use of such shoes is considered as the first step towards treatment of hammer toe. You must use shoes that have broad and high toe area. However, if the hammer toe condition is chronic in nature and you experience severe pain, your physician may recommend you to undergo a surgery. The surgery is conducted with an aim of correcting mal-alignment caused to the toe. The toe’s alignment is ensured by loosening the contracted toe joint with the help of surgery.

Use of Hammer toe splints and hammer toe crests are other option available for treating hammer toe condition. These specially designed devices help you in providing relief to forefoot and holding the hammer toe down. Other products like gel toe caps and gel toe shields can also be used for treatment of hammer toe. These products help in eliminating possible friction between toe and shoe by providing lubrication and comfort.