Gallbladder Cancer

What is Gallbladder Cancer?

Gallbladder cancer is a disease in which the cells are found in the tissues of gallbladder. Gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ under the liver in the upper abdomen. Bile, a kind of fluid made by live is stored in the gallbladder; when food is digested in the stomach and the intestines.

Gallbladder is most common among women than in men. There are more chances of getting gallbladder those have hard clusters of material in their gallbladder.

It is hard to detect because the gallbladder is hidden behind other organs in the abdomen.

What is the Gallbladder?

Gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ under the liver in the upper abdomen. It is connected to the liver (which produces bile) by the hepatic duct. The size is approximately 3 to 4 inches long and about 1 inch wide.

Symptoms of Gallbladder Cancer?

It does not usually cause symptoms in its early stages. So it’s advisable to visit a doctor for earlier detection and treatment. Often if diagnosed it has spread outside the gallbladder itself to the other parts of the body. The doctor will find it difficult to pick up a swollen gallbladder when they examine you. The gallbladder lies behind the other organs deep inside your body that makes it difficult to feel. There are numbers of symptoms includes as follows:

Abdominal Pain – You may get aching feeling on the right side if you have gallbladder cancer. Some people describe it as a dragging feeling. If the cancer blocks the bile duct there will be more acute pain.

Jaundice – Jaundice refers either your liver is not working properly or there is a blockage in your biliary system. Symptoms for jaundice are:

  • Yellow skin and whites of eyes
  • Darkened urine
  • Pale colored stools

Other symptoms, which are not common, are as follows:

  • Loss of weight
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Loss of appetite

How is Gallbladder Cancer Detected?

Although it’s difficult to detect gallbladder but steps can be taken for quick detection by visiting doctor. It sometime very difficult to detect gallbladder since it is far behind the other organs of the body. However, there are various measures to help detect gallbladder, which includes liver test, CT scan and MRI Scan.

Can Gallbladder Cancer be cured?

With staging gallbladder cancer is determined how far the cancer has spread to the other parts of the body. The result of this treatment declines as the stage progresses. The gallbladder can be cured with the help of the following therapies:

Surgery – The gallbladder can be cured with surgery. A stent can be placed across the bile ducts in order to re-establish the flow of bile and relieve from jaundice.

Currently chemotherapy and radiation therapy cannot cure gallbladder, but can help in giving certain benefits to patients. The chemotherapy must be weighed carefully against its possible side effects and radiation therapy is sometime used after surgery to destroy the cancerous cells.

Thus, gallbladder cancer is difficult to detect, but measures can be taken who are suffering from gallbladder cancer. Often doctor visit can help in early detection and treatment of the gallbladder cancer.