Foot Warts

Description of Verrucaes
General Information regarding Foot

There are various abnormalities that may develop on different parts of the foot. Some abnormalities affect, foot joints, some foot bones and other muscles or skin of the foot. Whatever may be the nature of abnormality and cause behind occurrence of such abnormality, the ultimate result is temporary or permanent dysfunction of the foot. Considering importance of foot in our daily life, to undertake physical activities like running, walking, moving from one place to another in which foot plays important role, such abnormalities are undesirable. We can minimize the risk of development of such abnormalities by paying proper attention towards up keep of foot and adopting certain measures like proper hygiene and using appropriate shoes. If you experience pain, even mild pain, or some other minor injury to foot never ignore it. Timely treatment of disorders in early stage will help you in preventing deterioration of the condition.

Description about Verrucaes

Development (growth) of warts over the underside of foot is termed as Verrucaes. Usually, such warts are of about 1cm diameter size. Warts can develop in children as well as adults. Development of warts is considered as common problem. At times, a big wart may have number of small warts around it. Such a single wart, surrounded by number of small warts is known as Mosaic Wart.

Verrucaes are infectious in nature. It means, a man with warts can spread it to others through direct contacts of the affected body part. Possibility of spreading warts is considered more through use of swimming pools, changing area and showers.

You must wear socks that are especially designed to prevent spread of varrucaes, if you go have verrucaes and plan to go for swimming. Not only direct contact with the affected areas but verrucaes can spread even through water. It is advisable that you wear flip-flops around wet areas.

Appearance of Verrucaes

Verrucaes are identical to corns. The surface of Verrucaes is covered with dots that are black in color. These black dots are nothing but blood vessels that fed verrucaes. The color of verrucaes is paler than that or normal skin.

Symptoms of Verrucaes

Following are some of the common symptoms of Varrucaes.

  • Sensation of small stone like structure under the foot
  • Experience pain when such structured are squeezed
  • Pain is produced as response when force (pressure) is applied on it.

Causes behind Development of Verrucaes

Human Papilloma Virus is considered as the main factor responsible for development of Verrucaes. This Human Papilloma Virus can enter the skin through scratches and cuts or thron.

Treatment of Verrucaes

Usually, verrucaes are treated with medication. These medications are aimed at relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Freezing of verrucaes may be performed if the verrucaes are severe in nature.

If you suspect development of verrucaes and have history of poor circulation or diabetes, never treat verrucaes yourself. Consult a doctor for right method of treatment.