Foot Care Tips

Your must adhere to the following tips, especially if you have foot pain.

  • Even if your foot pain is mild in nature see a doctor immediately.
  • Inspect your feet at frequent intervals. Adhere to the following check list for inspecting your feet
    • Carry out proper physical check of feet. Pay more attention towards appearance of color and temperature of the foot
    • Check your nails for discoloration or thickness abnormality
    • Ensure that the foot skin has not developed any cracks
    • Look for any abnormal growth on the foot
  • Trim your toenails straight across. Never cut or trim toenails too short
  • Wash your feet regularly and properly. Ensure that you dry your feet after taking bath, swimming or washing.
  • Use foot wears with proper fitting. Pay attention to following points while selecting shoes.
    • Shoes are not too tight for your foot.
    • Use shoes that does not have high heels and open back
    • The shoe sole must be considerably thicker
    • Shoes have cushion and adequate ventilation. Shoes made from canvas and leather has considerably more ventilation for foot.
    • Try to wear different shoes every day. You may have to purchase an alternate pair of shoes.
    • Wear shoes that are right for your activity. Like you can wear canvas shoes for sports activities.
    • Wear shoes with properly fitting stockings of socks
  • Never walk barefooted. Walking barefoot will increase your risk of sustaining foot injury and infection. Wear snblock on your feet if you are walking on beach when wearing sandals.
  • Observe proper cautions while using home made remedies for treating foot ailments. Inadequate knowledge may lead to transforming an otherwise minor problem into serious complications.
  • Get your feet inspected by a qualified medical practitioner on annual basis, especially if you have history of diabetes.

Foot it an important body part. If you experience any pain or abnormality don’t ignore it.; Consult your doctor and get it treated, if required. Not treating the minor disorders at early stages may result in certain serious complications. Pay proper attention towards up keep and hygiene of the foot and live healthy life.