Gastric Disorders - Causes and Treatments
Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.

Eat Healthy, Eat the Right Food Groups

If you want to live a healthy life and fight various types of diseases, you should always remember to eat healthy. While there are some diseases which develop due to hereditary factors, there are several sicknesses which you can avoid just by eating the right foods. Examples of these are lung cancer, diabetes (Type II), and heart disease. With the proper type of diet, you will be able to keep yourself protected from these illnesses. What is more, you are also aiding the different functions of your body.

Vitamin D is not the only nutrient which is good for calcium absorption. Boron, which is a mineral, is also an effective component that allows your body to absorb calcium. When it comes to women, boron helps improve the function of their estrogen cells. In turn, estrogen cells are essential for strong bone formation. Eat healthy foods like broccoli, grapes, pears, peanuts, apples, raisins, and peas in order for you to get the proper amount of this mineral.

When you want to keep your skin firm and supple, you need vitamin C. This vitamin greatly helps with the nourishment of the skin due to its assistance on the body’s production of collagen. What is more, vitamin C helps maximize the flow of oxygen to the skin; and effectively cures scar tissues, bruises, and cuts. Foods which are rich in this vitamin are strawberries, broccolis, Brussels sprouts, green peppers, citrus fruits, cantaloupe, and honeydew.

In order for you to protect your heart, you need to eat healthy portions of mackerel, sardines, and salmon. These cold water fishes contain the important fatty acids of Omega 3. These lower down bad cholesterol, high levels of blood pressure, and high levels of triglyceride. Furthermore, it increases the levels of good cholesterol. The major purpose of this nutrient is to help you prevent the development of heart diseases.

There are enzymes which helps strengthen your joints and your bones. In order to make these enzymes function better, you need to take in foods which are rich in copper. Examples of these foods are seafoods, liver, seeds, and nuts. On the other hand, acidophilus restores the natural balance of bad bacteria and good bacteria within your vagina. When there is a balance between the two, you will be able to combat infections more. Yogurt is a good source of acidophilus.

When you want to get rid of the ringing in your ears, opt for foods which are rich in zinc. Common examples are chicken, lamb, oysters, and beef. Indol-3-Carbinol is a phytochemical which stops tumor cell formation. To make your brittle nails absorb more water, you need foods which contain biotin such as cheese and fishes. Amino acids repair dry hair and assists with proper growth. To get this nutrient, eat healthy foods like eggs, nuts, and turkey. When you want to protect your eyes, you need foods which are rich in beta carotene. This is found in carrots, yams, and broccolis. Lastly, calcium aids with keeping your teeth white and strong. This also goes the same for your bones. This mineral is found in milk, almonds, and white beans.