What is Corn?

Foot is an important body part. We are able to undertake many physical activities with the help of foot. Even most of our routine activities can not be performed without healthy foot.; Foot is also associated with number of disorders. Some of these disorders are less harmful and some are serious in nature. Whatever may be the nature of disorder, it surely has adverse effect on our routine life. These disorders lead to temporary dysfunction of foot. Development of corn is one of such medical abnormalities associated with foot.

Description of Corn

When the skin layer of foot surface gets thickened such a condition is termed as corn in medical terminology. Tops of toes, area between toes and tips of toes are the most common sites for development of Corns.

Generally, occurrence of corns is seen more in female than male. Normally, women use tight fitting foot wear, stockings and socks, comparatively tighter fitting than that used by men. This factor makes women more prone to development of corns.

You must be more cautious about corn’s treatment especially if you have history of circulatory problems or diabetes. In such cases, you must consult your doctor immediately on occurrence of corns.

Causes responsible for development of Corns

Excessive pressure is considered as the main cause behind development of corns. Such pressure may be resulted from one of the following factors.

  • Wearing tight fitting foot wears
  • Wearing tight fitting stockings or socks
  • Rubbing of shoes against toes
  • Crooked toes
  • Deformity of toes

Signs and symptoms of development of Corns

There may be varied symptoms which could caution you about the possible development of corns. Following are some common symptoms.

  • The primary symptom is hard growth in the skin layer surface of toes
  • Such thick growth result in pain when pressure is applied
  • Swelling or redness of surrounding area of affected region
  • Feeling of discomfort at the site of affected skin
  • Difficulty or discomfort while wearing tight fitting foot wears

Complications produced by Corns

If not treated properly at initial stage, corns may produce certain unwanted complications. Following are examples of some of the complications produced by corns.

  • Infection around affected area
  • Development of ulcer
  • Occurrence of fluid-filled sac under the skin affected by corn

Treatment of Corns

There are number of options available for treatment of Corns. Medication, use of surgical devices and surgery are commonly used treatments. Medications like ibuprofen are given with an aim of relieving pain and reducing inflammation. However, relief provided by these medications is temporary. Changing the tight fitting shoes and using shoes that provide comfort and proper ventilation is part of corn treatment. Using pads for reducing/eliminating pressure is considered as long lasting treatment for corns. Surgery is performed in rare cases. In surgery, bony prominence which causes high pressure is corrected surgically.

Though corn is less harmful medical condition, it may be treated immediately after occurrence. Corns can be treated easily at initial stage. However, if left untreated it could lead to certain complications.