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Cheap Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance
What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is similar to general insurance or motor vehicle insurance. Here in dental insurance, you will get covered for all dental procedures that are carried out on your teeth either during the course of normal dental care or in case you suffer from an accident and damages has taken place to your teeth. As in general insurance there is a premium that you have to pay and there is a ceiling limit that you will be paid incase of accident or dental procedures.

Types of Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is classified according to the plans that are on offer, the basic two types are scheduled plan and non-scheduled plan.

Non-Scheduled dental plans:

In the non-scheduled type of insurance plan, the insurance company covers payment for the individual on a fee for service basis. In case you are taking a preventive procedure like cleaning, counseling for dental diseases, an x-ray or a fluoride rinse, then you are entitled to the full payment of the fees. In case of non-preventive measures, the insurance companies are ready to pay you an amount equaling to either fifty percent or eighty percent of the total costs of the procedure. Some of the procedures that are included in the non-preventive measures are teeth bleaching, getting missing teeth replaced, and fillings, putting braces on, abstractions and getting abnormal tooth positions corrected.

Scheduled dental plans:

Scheduled dental plans provide only for a fixed amount for each procedure irrespective of what you incur during the procedure. Insurance companies have laid down guidelines as top what is the current market rate for a certain procedure and they will pay you only that amount irrespective of from whom you get your dental problems treated from or what you get them treated for. For example the insurance company as per their chart has allocated only forty dollars for a cleaning and four hundred dollars for a root canal treatment. They also include co-insurance and deductibles in their insurance plans.
There are some insurance companies that are providing a program known as the preferred dentist program. This is something similar to the PPO program in insurance plans. Here the dentist is a participant in the program. If you happen to go to the participating dentist and get your dental procedures done, you are likely to get a rebate that ranges from ten percent to thirty five percent depending on the procedure and the rate of the procedure.

Things to think about before enrolling into a Dental Insurance Plan:

There are certain things that need to be considered before taking an insurance cover for your teeth. Use the following as a check list and see what could be done to get the maximum out of your insurance cover:

(a) Plan on your future, you may not have any major dental problems now, could be in the future, you need a full set of dentures replaced or made. Look if the insurance agency is covering things like this for the future and what is the age limit for which they are providing the insurance cover.

(b) Some people have special requirements; like a tooth restoration or braces fitment. See if your insurance agency covers special problems.

(c) Do you have a dentist who you go to regularly and would like to continue with him? See if he is in the participating dentist program by that insurance agency.

(d) How reliable is the company that is providing dental insurances. Has bills of your colleagues or friends or neighbors been met on time?

(e) Is the charges on premium reasonable or are they sky high?