Charcot Foot

Charcot Foot: General Information

Foot is an important body part. We are able to perform our regular activities only with the help of foot. Just imagine what will be our condition if we lose a foot owing to injury. Obviously it would be difficult for us even to lead a normal healthy life. Forget about experiencing the adventures of running, mountaineering, hiking etc. The above will make you understand the importance of foot in our body system.

Foot consists of various muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. The nerves traveling in the foot area are another important component of the foot. Certain disorders, mostly caused due to negligence, may lead to dysfunction of foot. Nerugenic arthropathy is one of such disorders that can led to dysfunction of foot temporarily, if not permanently. It is important for every individual to pay proper attention towards proper hygiene of foot.

Charcot Foot

Neurogenic Arthropathy is referred to as Charcot Foot in medical terminology. In fact, such condition develops when neurogenic arthropathy affects the foot joints. Neurogenic arthropathy is a degenerative arthritis caused due to damages to the nerves. This condition is rapidly progressing in nature.

Loss or impairmenent of sensitivity of foot reason is the main characteristic of Charcot Foot. The person suffering from Charcot Foot will not be able to sense the pain in his foot. The foot muscles also loose their ability to support foot. Usually, only one foot is affected by this condition in most of the cases. However, other foot can also get affected with the period of time.

Metatarsal and Tarsal bones, present in the foot, are the most common sites for development of Charcot Foot. People with history of diabetes are more prone to developing Charcot Foot.

The nomenclature of medical condition ‘Charcot Foot’ is named after a scientist Jean-Martin Charcot. He was the first man to describe the disintegration of joint surfaces and ligaments, especially those caused due to injury or disease.

Causes responsible for development of Charcot Foot

There may be number of causes which can contribute towards development of Charcot Foot. Diabetes mellitus and chronic hyperglycemia are considered to be the main factors that could contribute towards occurrence of Charcot Foot.

Symptoms of Charcot Foot

The symptoms of Charcot foot may defer from one individual to another depending upon the root cause of development of Charcot Foot. However, following are some of the most common symptoms.

  • Feeling of intense heat in the foot
  • Loss of ability to sense pain in the foot
  • Swollen ankle or foot
  • Dislocation of foot joints
  • Weakness of foot muscles
  • Occurrence of foot ulcers or calluses

Heath Complications produced by Charcot Foot

As patient loses sensitivity he may not be able to notice minor trauma like strains, stress fractures or sprains sustained by the foot. Such unnoticed trauma remains untreated and results in dislocation of joint, slackness of ligaments, foot deformity and damage to cartilage or bone.