Symptoms and Treatments of Main Blood Diseases
Blood is the common thread to tie the whole body. It provides oxygen and removes carbon-dioxide from the body. It provides energy to the cells but sometimes this common thread break in between resulting into irregularities in blood supply. As a result, people may suffer from various blood diseases.

Grief - Symptoms and Treatment

Death is inevitable part of our life. It is a universal truth that everyone has to die one day. Death of loved ones surely makes you emotional and grieving. Grief is experienced by everyone at some stage of life. Though the concept of death is universal the way of expressing emotions and looking towards death may defer. Adults and children both experience grief but their way of looking to death are different. Children are feared about death as they think that death is contagious and either they themselves or their loved ones will die. Their concern is that the death of loved ones will adversely affect their future life.

Description about Grief

Grief is nothing but response to the experienced loss. These responses can in felt in incidents like physical loss like death, social losses such as job loss. Whatever the type of loss may be it infers that something has been taken away from the individual.

In simple words, grief means existence of constant thoughts about the deceased, hostility, guilt, physical problems behavioral changes.

Signs and Symptoms of Grief

Grief can be felt by mental, social, emotional or physical reaction. Sadness, guilt, despair, anger and anxiety are characteristics of mental reactions. Physical reactions are characterized by appetite changes, sleeping problems, illness or other physical problems. Social reactions include activities or expressions such as seeingfamily or friends, taking care of family members or returning to work.

Description of Bereavement

The period when one experiences grief after a loss and mourning occur such a condition is called as bereavement. The bereavement period may defer depending on the attachment of the bereaved with the deceased and how long it took to anticipate the loss.

Definition of Mourning

Process of adapting themselves to the loss, by the people, is termed as mourning. Factors such as rules of society for coping with loss, rituals and cultural customs have their influence on mourning. Usually, mourning has three phases. They are:

  • Wish to bring back the deceased
  • Sadness and disorganization
  • Reorganization