Symptoms and Treatments of Main Blood Diseases
Blood is the common thread to tie the whole body. It provides oxygen and removes carbon-dioxide from the body. It provides energy to the cells but sometimes this common thread break in between resulting into irregularities in blood supply. As a result, people may suffer from various blood diseases.

Domesic Violence

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence can be defined as the hurtful and unwanted abuse on individual by his or her partner. Domestic violence involves emotional and psychological abuse, sexual abuse, child abuse, physical abuse and economic abuse.

Domestic abuse can be used as a form of control and manipulation over the partner by the abuser. Domestic violence can occur in any marriage or in any romantic relation. Domestic violence can occur between ex-husband or ex-wife or anybody where there is a family knot.

Domestic Violence Statistics

The figure is around three and four million women who are abused by someone they love and trust each year in the United States. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, the number one causes of injuries to women between the ages of fifteen and forty-four are physical domestic abuse. The numbers and statistics in the file do not account for the countless cases of domestic violence which goes unnoticed every year.

  • 25% of attempted suicides by women are contributed by women who are in domestic relationships.
  • Drug abuses are more prevalent among women who are being abused.
  • 30% of all the homicides against women occur in the domestic violence relationship.
  • Around five to six million children witnesses the acts of violence against their mother every year

What You Should Know about Domestic Violence

The individual who abuses their partners comes from every economic and racial background. Most of the abusers have good family background or the family that never had such domestic problem and most abusers do not look like they would be violent. The abusers may have a good line of friends and a successful career and also do not show any outward symptoms to other that he or she could be an abuser.

Physical violence is the main content of domestic violence and can be accompanied by other forms of domestic violence. Many times a woman may find herself in a domestic violence situation which does not involve any form of physical abuse. However, a woman who is being emotionally humiliated and threatened, verbally assaulted, sexually abused or economically exploited is a victim of domestic violence. Many women who are victims of domestic violence report that their emotional and psychological wounds have a deeper impact on their personal lives than the actual physical wounds and need moral support for the stress prevention & safety.