Symptoms and Treatments of Main Blood Diseases
Blood is the common thread to tie the whole body. It provides oxygen and removes carbon-dioxide from the body. It provides energy to the cells but sometimes this common thread break in between resulting into irregularities in blood supply. As a result, people may suffer from various blood diseases.

Bone Injuries

Bone Health Information Guide about symptoms, causes and treatment of various bone injuries for protection of your physical health from various bone diseases.

Arthritis Treatments :

Arthritis is a swollen and inflammatory condition of the joints. This can cause swelling, pain and stiffness of joints and may affect other body parts like bones and muscles.

Arthritis :

Inflammation of joints accompanied with pain, stiffness and swelling are the main characteristics of Arthritis. There are different forms of arthritis and every type has different symptoms and method of treatment. Most forms of arthritis are chronic developed due to prolonged arthritis condition.

Avascular Necrosis :

Avascular necrosis is a condition where blood supply to bone is lost either permanently or temporarily. This loss of blood supply result in bone collapse due to death of bone tissues. When such avascular necrosis develops near a joint there is possibility of joint surface collapse.

Baker's Cyst :

A cyst that is formed behind the knee due to accumulation of joint fluid is called as Baker's cyst. Usually, Baker's Cyst does not have long-term harm. However, it may be painful and annoying in nature. Baker's Cyst is also known by another name popliteal cyst.

Bextra Medication :

Bextra is basically a painkiller used for treating many types of acute pain. Bextra belongs to NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal anti-Inflammatory Drugs) group known as 'COX-2 inhibitors'. Vioxx and and Celebrex are other drugs from this drugs group.

Bone Fractures :

Break in the bone is known as fracture. Fracture is one of the most common injury most of the people get at least once during their lifetime. Age factor plays great role in fractures. Severity and possibility of fractures is noticed more in the aged people.

Bones and Joints :

The major portion of vertebrate's skeleton is formed by calcified connective tissues called bones. Calcium is major component of the bone. There are approximately two hundred fifty six bones in human body.

Cervical Spondylosis :

Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative disorder of the neck bones. This disorder is caused by abnormal wear of the neck bone cartilage. The bones present in the neck are called as cervical vertebrae and the cushions situated between these vertebrae are called cervical disks.

Degenerative Disc :

The term 'Degenerative disc disease' is used to denote the spinal problems occurred due to damage to the disc. Usually these problems are the combination of more than one problems of disc damage. The problems caused by damaged disc can affect any part of spine.

Gout :

Gout is nothing but inflammation of joints. It is a most commonly found form of arthritis. Usually, gout appears in form of an acute attack. Within a period of 12 to 24 hours from the attack, the patients experiences severe pain accompanied by swelling in the affected joint.

Herniated Disc :

To understand what exactly Herniated Disc is, it is important to know what a disc is. The following paragraphs will provide you brief information about a disc and herniated disc.

Joint Dislocation :

The joint which loses its original place or slips out from its natural place is termed in medical terminology as 'dislocated joint'. In such cases the ends of joint bones are forced from its original position. This dislocation of joints results in malfunctioning of the joint. Such dislocation adversely affects the routine functions of joint.

Joint Replacement :

Total hip replacement and knee replacement are considered as the orthopedic success stories. These replacements have provided relief to thousands of people and helped them in active and fuller life.

Kyphosis :

There are number of health conditions associated with the abnormalities of various joints and bones in the human body. Some of these abnormalities exist since birth and some develop as result of injuries or due to complications produced by other diseases. Kyphosis is one of such abnormalities.

Legg calve Disease :

Joints and bones are important organs of the human body. At times these organs develop certain abnormalities or disorders that could lead to health complications. These abnormalities could be result of complications produced by certain other diseases. Legg-calve-Perthes disease is one of such abnormalities.

Low Back Pain :

As is suggestive from the term pain in the lower portion of back is called as low back pain. Almost all people experience this pain at least one time during their life. Low back pain is the third largest common medical condition. Cold and flu symptoms are the first and second.

Muscles :

Muscle is one of the major components of human body. There are more than 650 muscles in our body. In fact, muscles amounts to approximately half of the total body weight of a human.

Osteoarthritis and Vioxx :

Vioxx is known by its generic name Rofecoxib in medical terms. Vioxx is a painkiller used for obtaining relief from severe pains. Vioxx is pronounced as VYE-ox. Normally, Vioxx is prescribed for treating patients suffering from severe pain. Generally, Vioxx is prescribed for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, painful menstruations. It can be even prescribed for many other diseases that cause acute pain.

Osteoarthritis :

Osteoarthritis (pronounced as Os-tee-oh-are-THRY-tis) is also called by another name OA in medical terminology. In United States, osteoarthritis is considered as one of the most common diseases that large number of people. About 60 million people in United States are affected by osteoarthritis.