Cancer News

Cancer Death Rates

The death rates from cancer continue to fall and the new cases of cancer have leveled off, according to the report from the leading cancer organizations in US.

Breast cancer rates has also been stable since 2001, since the awareness of various diagnose and treatment. Millions of women have stopped taking therapy after July 2002 when the research found that the drug carries an increase risk of the breast cancer.

Among men, death rates were declining for cancer of the lung and bronchus, prostate, rectum and colon, pancreas, and bladder cancer. And the cancers that were either stable or increasing were liver cancer, kidney and melanoma.

For the overall population, death rates declines for 11 of the 15 most common cancers among men and 10 of the 15 most common cancers in women.

The bottom line is that we are making progress and the effort that cancer organizations and people putting into cancer elimination are paying off with the help of cancer detection, prevention and treatment.

Battling Cancer with Veggies

With women, who gobble down veggies and fruit, have the risk of developing breast cancer. The fact that fruits and vegetables are known to protect men and women from many disease and other ailments, some scientists still believe that in terms of breast cancer, the real benefit of fruits and vegetables for most women is at younger age, when breasts are still developing. Everyone should try to eat at least 8 servings of fruits a day this reduces the risk for heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, including colon, and prostate cancer.

Studies have shown positive that women who eat lots of fruits and vegetable are less likely to get affected by breast cancer.

If your daily diet includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans also the combination of exercise can help prevent both men and women from the possible cancer disease.