Breast Cancer Help

Breast Cancer Hotlines and Information Centers

Information about cancer treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, clinical trials, proton therapy, complementary medicine, and cutting edge technologies.

Biologic Therapy

The Basics about the exciting treatment which works by helping the immune system to function properly by using substances that occur naturally in your body to fight with cancer.

Bone Marrow Transplants

The support and information for bone marrow treatment, peripheral blood stem cell, and cord blood transplant patients.


You can find information about chemotherapy treatment, drugs and the usual side effects.

Radiation Oncology

Information about radiation therapy and treatment side effects. Also includes a brief overview of the treatment process.

Surgical Oncology

The basic information about the various surgical procedures used to treat several different types of cancer.

General Information

What You Need to Know about Cancer – The support and information about cancer provided by National Cancer Institute.

Cancer – 50 Essential Things To Do – A book for newly diagnosed cancer patients, their families, and friends. The book goes together with the patient’s medical treatment and is valuable way to recovery.

Understanding Prognosis and Cancer Statistics – Cancer patients frequently ask this question, “What is my prognosis?”

Cancer Information Network – Comprehensive cancer information for cancer patients and also general public.

Cancer News and Features – The latest headline news on the cancer diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and many more.

Know What to Ask Your Doctor – Learn about a treatment option that works in a different way than the traditional therapies.

Living with Cancer – Gives the information on issues after the diagnosis of lung cancer, also have the follow-up issues, cancer rehabilitation services.