Gastric Disorders - Causes and Treatments
Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.

Best Medicines

The medicines you are taking are right or wrong for you?

Your health plan benefits may confuse you if you go through the plan minutely. To add to this confusion is the other matter that is you may notice a difference in the benefits of the plan from the earlier year. And one of the differences you may notice is the difference in the prescription of the medicines for you.
For years, the insurance plans are always trying to reduce their expenses. In that direction the insurance the plans are cutting on a certain prescription medicines for their members. According to latest researches this is not good news for the patients and especially for the minority patients. This reduction of certain medicines may affect the patients adversely.

During the past century, the United States have seen a lot of innovations in the field of pharmaceuticals. These innovations have contributes tremendously to the quality and duration of life of the citizens. That is the main reason of the reorganization and popularity of these innovations. L. Natalie Carroll, M.D., president of the National Medical Association (NMA), an organization representing African-American physicians have once said that unfortunately, all of our communities have not benefited to the same degree by these innovations.

NMA and the National Pharmaceutical Council held a joint study and this study were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the National Medical Association. This study has clearly brought out that genetic differences among minorities can explain the difference in the effectiveness of some medicines. This is the reason why some medicine is more effective in some patients and is not that effective among others. The differences in genetic can also affect how fast a drug is metabolized and what should be the amount and number of dosages.

To explain this genetic difference let us take the example of black patients and Caucasian patients, they often experience high blood pressures of different kinds. The main reason of this type of high blood pressure among black patients is their tendency to take more salt. Black patients also have a higher rate of occurrence of salt-sensitive high blood pressure. For the black patients diuretics used in combination with other blood pressure medications are necessary so that they can live a normal and healthy life.

In case you are a member of some health plan, this all means that the medicines preferred by your insurance plan may not be the best for you.

Some tips to help you to ensure that the medicines you take are the best for you:

  • You can have a counseling session with your doctor to find out the best treatment program for any illness you are suffering from. Have a detailed discussion on the pros and cons of different therapies. In case your insurance plan is stressing you to change medicines, then have a discussion with your doctor on the possible affects on your present condition and sort out a plan.
  • Chalk out your options what exactly you want to from an insurance plan. Then study the plans offered. Do not feel shy or fearful to talk to your plan administrator in case the drug needed by you is not covered or asking you to pay extra. Based on the advice of a doctor many plans may allow patients to apply for medical exceptions to their coverage policies. Before choosing a plan you must know the rules of the plan and be persistent.
  • Take care of your chronic conditions. Be very cautious in case you want to change your medicines especially for conditions that need very careful current looking after methods, like high blood pressure, diabetes, and mental illness. You should understand very well that no two drugs will work identically, although they are used to treat same kind of disease. In case you require changing certain medicine your doctor may take some time to decide on the correct dosages.
  • Always be ready to unanticipated responses because every patient is different, and each medicine will have its own style of effect on a particular patient. In case you change your medicine and you experience some change in your condition or increase in side effects, you should immediately contact your doctor and explain in detail al the things.

With the changing times health plans are limiting access to certain medicines. In this changing scenario, this is very important for the patients to work in tendon with the doctor and health plan provider to make sure that they are being treated for their own condition. The final goal of any plan should be aimed at four main aspects. These four aspects are the right drug, to the right person, for the right condition at the right time.