Gastric Disorders - Causes and Treatments
Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.

Bed Wetting

About Bed Wetting

Bedwetting means passing of urine unintentionally by the baby during sleep. This bedwetting phenomenon is quite natural and common in the babies. In a very few cases this bed wetting may continue till the child is in his teen years. bed wetting can reoccur in some babies, they stay dry for months together and may start bedwetting again. On the other hand a baby may not go through a dry spell for weeks.

During the entire life period if a child has never been able to go through a dry spell or in other words, always having the problem of Bed wetting, this sort of child is said to have PNE (primary nocturnal enuresis). Children, those who have some times dry spells in between Bed wetting are said to have secondary enuresis. Generally Bed wetting is not a symptom of any sort of physical disease or illness. In medical terms Bed-wetting is referred to as nocturnal enuresis.

Bed Wetting Causes

Normally the main reason of Bed wetting is the delay in the development of bladder control mechanisms. There are many causes of this delay. Some of the most common causes of Bed-wetting are: genetic predispositions, hormones, and emotional anxiety.
This Bed wetting in children may have a genetic connection. If the parents of a child has had this problem are more likely to suffer from Bed-wetting.

Another factor that may cause bedwetting is the hormones. Latest research in this field have proved that the children who have this problem of bedwetting may have a deficiency of hormones namely ADH or antidiuretic. The children with this deficiency have a tendency to urinate more.

Some of the other common factors, causing bed wedding are emotional anxiety, stress and disruption in a routine. In many children excess consumption of liquid may also cause bed wetting.

The children having this problem of bed wetting should be taken to pediatrician. The pediatrician will carry out the necessary tests so that any abnormity such as urinary tract infection or diabetes can be detected (if it is there). After carrying out these tests, when the doctor is satisfied that the child is not suffering from any of these diseases, he will brief the ways and means how to get rid of this problem of bedwetting. The doctor may decide to prescribe some type of medication for the child, which can help him to overcome bed-wetting.

Parent’s role in Bed Wetting

If your children are having this problem of bedwetting, try to be friendly with them and take them in confidence that you understand their embarrassment. Never try to be harsh towards this sort of children and also do not scar them. Try to make the clean up process simple and it should look to children as very casual work. After bed wedding teach your how to do the cleaning of themselves. Your children can learn how to remove the wet clothes, how to keep the wet bed sheets and how to rearrange their bed. Most of the children do not take this all as punishment, and also become more confident of them as they are doing everything of their own.

Can Bed Wetting be get rid off

The answer to this question is positive; generally bed wetting goes off as the time passes. Until such time, this can be controlled by giving less liquid at night, and by paying little extra attention to the child during the day time. These methods work very well on the children, who suffer from anxiety or feel upset with their bed-wetting problem.