Balanitis : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The penis is a very crucial organ of the male body. Any inflammation that may happen can be caused for pain. Like when the glands located in the head and foreskin is inflamed, the condition is called balanitis. This generally happen in men who are not circumcised. But men who have diabetes can also be affected.

It is characterized by redness or a blotchy rash on the glans sometimes with a discharge. The condition may be itchy or uncomfortable but often feels completely normal. Balanitis is not sexually transmitted. It is when there is a profuseness of some kind of organism commonly present on the foreskin of the glan. The surroundings under the foreskin is balmy and damp, these are contributory to the growth of the organism that cause balanitis because of poor hygiene.

This condition can also be triggered by irritation from condoms, spermicides or clothing. STDS, yeast and bacterial infections can also set off this condition. Not washing after a few days or sometimes after sexual activity (vaginal, anal or oral with or without a condom) inflammation of the glands can occur. The organisms are likely to reproduce and inflammation sets in if moisture is not contained for sometime under the foreskin.

But men of the earth need not fear. This condition can be treated. But treatment will vary from cause to cause. Medication like ointment or cream is sometimes not really necessary. What is the most important thing to do is to maintain cleanliness at all times. Good hygiene measures are far more effective than any ointment or cream combined. However antibiotic may be prescribed if it diagnosed to be a bacterial infection. For some circumcision would be required.

Balanitis can be avoided. When you have a shower slide your foreskin back towards your body until the glans is completely uncovered. Do it gently. Then wash the ends of your penis and foreskin meticulously with warm water. But there are special kinds of soaps intended for this purpose. Always dry the end of your penis after washing. When the end is already dry replaced the foreskin.

Remember when you urinate slide the foreskin back to avoid getting it wet with urine. As always dry your penis because as has been said once it is moist and warm chances for overgrowth of organism can happen.

Nothing beats good penile hygiene. Balanitis is not a serious condition but if it goes untreated it can be a source for irritation and great discomfort. Always bear in mind that after sex activity wash and dry your penis so as not to develop Balanitis. Just make sure that the glans is completely dry before putting back the foreskin.

In cases of repeated attacks despite the preventive measures, consult your doctor.