Baker’s Cyst

Definition and General information about Baker’s Cyst

A cyst that is formed behind the knee due to accumulation of joint fluid is called as Baker’s cyst. Usually, Baker’s Cyst does not have long-term harm. However, it may be painful and annoying in nature. Baker’s Cyst is also known by another name popliteal cyst.

Causes behind occurrence of Baker’s Cyst

Baker’s Cyst is formed due to connection of normal bursa with the joint of knee. Such type of Baker’s Cyst is usually found in the children.

Herniation of knee joint capsule out into the knee back is considered as another cause which can form Baker’s Cyst. This form of baker’s cyst is usually found in adults and associated with tear in the meniscal cartilage of knee. In aged people, this form of baler’s cyst is associated with the degenerative knee arthritis in most of the cases.

Baker’s Cyst – Common Symptoms

There are number of symptoms of Baker’s Cyst. Following are some of the common symptoms.

  • Swelling of knee (at the backside of knee). At times this swelling may be experienced in foot or leg
  • Painful knee
  • Tenderness/tightness at the backside of knee
  • Stiffness in knee
  • The cyst may produce swelling, pain and bruising, on the back of knee and calf, if the cyst ruptures.

Treatment options for Treating Baker’s Cyst

There are some therapies/treatments available for cure of Baker’s Cyst. However, normally, baker’s cyst does not require any treatment. In some cases, cyst can be treated by decompressing the cyst by arthroscopic surgery. Arthroscopic surgery can also be used for treating menscal tear. Arthroscopic surgery is normally recommended for patients with painful or extremely large cyst. Another method to treat the cyst is to drain the cyst with the help of a needle. By this method the size of the cyst can be reduced. However, usually cyst recurs even after draining.

Possible health complications of Baker’s Cyst

Usually, Baker’s Cyst does not produce any health complications. However, some time it may produce certain complications which are not serious in nature. Some of the common complications produced by Baker’s Cyst include, chronic swelling and pain of backside of knee and other complications from related injuries such as meniscal tears.