Gastric Disorders - Causes and Treatments
Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.

Baby Play

Baby Play – Importance of play

Playing plays an important role in the development of child, through playing the child learns about themselves, their family and their environment. Hence it becomes very crucial for the parents and other family members that the baby should be given enough chances to play with them as well as with the toys.

Baby Play – Birth to Three Months

These are the beginning days of life for a baby. During this period the baby starts playing with fingers, faces and looking at things around him. The toys, which make noise, are favorites of infants during this period and these toys also help the infant to listen the sounds. During this period the infants like chasing the objects, which are moved around them. The infants also get very excited with the objects tied around their crib.

Baby Play – Three to Six Months

This is the age group when the infants get interested in objects. While selecting toys for the infants of age group of three to six months, care should be given to brightness and colors. Generally red and blue colors are the favorite colors of the infants during that age. This age group of infants is attracted by the toys which make noise and are particularly attracted to the toys which make musical sounds. During this period certain toys becomes favorite of infants. Infants of this age group may take a week or two to get familiar with new toys. While buying new toys for the babies of this age group try to buy similar to previous toys, so that the toys don ’t scare the baby and also widen theirexploration.

Baby Play – Six to Ten Months

The babies of this age group start understanding the functioning of toys. You should demonstrate the functioning of new toys to the infants of age group of six to ten months. For example you have brought a doll or a stuffed animal toy, fondling with the toy will show the baby how to play with it. Care should be given that the babies of age group of six to ten months are given only two to three toys to play with at a time. During this period babies may play with the toys in some strange way which is not expected. For example, the infant may use his arm instead of the stick provided for putting a plastic doughnut. Do not get irritated by this and the baby should not be scolded as this is considered quite normal. Babies of this age group also may get attracted to household items like flower pots or articles of decoration.

Baby play – Ten to Twelve Months

Normally the babies between ten to twelve months play with toys which are similar to the objects of the grown up. Babies of this age group may like to play with a shopping stroller, shovel, bucket, riding toy and books. Toys like shape making and large puzzles can be given to the babies of this age group. Let it be a male child or a female child, they may love to play with these items separately, till the time they understand the proper utility of these items. Story listening is another field of attraction for the babies of this age group. Babies between the ages of ten to twelve months also enjoy playing with big objects such as boxes or empty cartoons.