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Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.

Asthma Family

My Family’s Asthma Story

Any person of the family suffering from any disease can increase the risk of affecting other family members. Though this statement is true only for contiguous diseases, the general misconception is that most of the diseases are either inherited or contacted through the infections of other family members. Adopting preventive measures such as change in life style and eating habits; and timely diagnosis and treatment can help in getting early relief.

This story of my family explaining how we suffered from asthma and how we got rid of it with change in life style will help many in obtaining relief from asthma.

I am a 33 year old woman. Smoking is part of lifestyle of my family, except me. Everybody in the family, my father, mother, brothers and sisters have the habit of smoking. I was worried about their smoking habit as I was aware of the dire consequences of smoking. Despite my efforts to preach them on regular basis about the possible adverse effects of smoking, I could not succeed in making them quit smoking. It was very difficult for me even to breath in such environment.

The ultimate result was that my mother developed asthma. In fact, she had asthma for more than 30 years but neglected it thinking that is only cough.

Though she was in late fifties her appearance made her look like as she has already cross eighties. After she was diagnosed with asthma, she was treated with medicines like sustaire, prednisone etc. The ultimate result was that my mother succumbed to combination of ill effects of asthma and health complications produced by use of medicine for long durations.

My brothers and sisters too have health problems related to breathing owing to their smoking habit. I was not worried about may health as I was sure that I will not develop asthma or other diseases caused by smoking, as I remained non-smoker throughout my life. However, this proved wrong at later stage.

In the meantime I got married. Unfortunately, my husband was also a smoker. As I was concerned about the health of my loved one, I tried to preach him everyday the importance of non-smoking. To make him conceive about the consequences of smoking I use to tell him story of my family (about their smoking) and how my mother lost her life to asthma caused by smoking. But all was in vein.

In recent time, I had bad cough. Initially I ignored it thinking that it is a common cough cause due to infection. However, when the cough lasted for more than fortnight I consulted my physician. After conducting certain tests, my doctor informed me that I was suffering from asthmatic bronchitis. I was shocked to learn this. This was how I was proved wrong about my conception that if I don’t smoke I will not develop asthma or other diseases associated with smoking. I was fortunate that my asthmatic condition was diagnosed in early stage and I could get proper treatment for it.

Now, after experiencing the results of smoking, we have made changes to our life style. Most of the family members have reduced smoking and trying to leave it. If at all one has urge to smoke he goes outside and smoke. This helps us in keeping the atmosphere smoke-free and reduces the risk of developing/worsening asthmatic diseases. This simple change in lifestyle has provided us healthy breathing, where once breathing was difficult.

It is ridiculous that I was affected by the lifestyle of my family members for years and now my life style (obviously beneficial) affects their lifestyle.