Arch Pain : Causes and Treatment

Arch Pain: General Information

Muscles, bones and joints are the main important components of human body. Abnormalities to these components adversely affect the normal activities of a person. These bones, muscles and joints can get disabled (either temporarily or permanently) as a result of sprain, injury or complications produced by diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Even certain regular physical activities such as walking, running, jumping etc can lead to development of some disorders. Overuse is another factor that can lead to injuries to these important components. We must pay proper attention towards these body parts and adopt preventive measures to avoid occurrence of unusual injuries.

Definition of Arch Pain (Arch Stain)

The term arch pain denotes appearance of inflammation, burning sensation or combination of these two, caused by the foot arch.

The plantar fascia, situated along the bottom foot surface, is a broad band of fibrous tissue. The plantar fascia runs from heel to the forefoot. Abnormally flat foot can cause inflammation of plantar fascia and such condition may lead to occurrence of pain in the foot arch.

The foot arch is formed by the ligaments of plantar fascia. The area between heel and ball of foot is called as foot arch. The ligaments of plantar fascia are located on the bottom of foot, attached to heel and extend towards ball of foot.

The Arch pain is also referred to as ‘Arch strain’ in medical terminology.

Symptoms of Arch Strain/Pain

Onset of some of the following symptoms will make you to realize that you have developed Arch Pain.

  • Pain in the foot arch
  • Swelling in the foot (arch area)
  • Tenderness of arch region

Causes behind occurrence of Arch Pain (Arch Stain)

Plantar fscitis is considered as the main cause behind occurrence of arch pain. When the ligaments, present in the foot, get inflamed owing to various reasons, such a condition is called as plantar fasciitis. The main factor behind development of plantar fasciitis is considered to be abnormally flat feet. However, plantar fascitis can be caused even due to stress (excessive stretching) on plantar fascia. Such inflammation of the plantar fascia can lead to occurrence of pain in heel and arch area of the foot.

Treatment of Arch Pain (Arch Stain)

Medication (pain killers), rest and use of orthotic aids are the most common treatment options for treating arch pain. The medication is aimed at relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Rest provides comfort to the affected area and may be beneficial is ensuring early recovery. Following are the common therapies used for treating arch pain.

  • Use of orthotic aids such as arch supports, heel wedges, gel heel cups and metatarsal pads.
  • Use of pain killers like ibuprofen and aspirin
  • Rest
  • Use of RICE, Rest, Ice (application of ice pack) compression and elevation, therapy may prove to be helpful.