Ankle Sprain : Symptoms and Treatment

Ankle Sprain: General Information

Human body comprises of various bones, muscles and joints. These bones, muscles and joints are very important for proper functioning of our body. Ankle is one of such important body part. Ankle sprain is one of medical condition that restricts our foot movement.

Description of Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprain is a health condition resulted from sudden twist. When such sudden twist occurs it could lead to damage of ligaments and soft tissues surrounding the joint of ankle.

The main function of ankle ligament is to stabilize the ankle joint. A ligament is formed by several strands of tissue. All these tissue strands are compacted together and form a strong structure. At times, ankle twist (sprain) may lead to occurrence of complete or partial tear of ligament.

Popping or snapping sounds can be heard by the patient when he suffers the occurrence of ankle sprain. Ankle sprain is considered as most common injury especially in people undertaking physical activities like walking, running, jumping etc.

Symptoms of Ankle Sprain

Following are some of the common symptoms that one may experience, when he sustains ankle sprain.

  • Popping or snapping sound when injury takes place
  • Swelling of the affected area (ankle joint and surrounding area)
  • Pain or bruises
  • Inability to apply pressure to ankle or walk

Different Forms of Ankle Sprain

Based on the severity the ankle sprain is classified in three different categories namely Grade-1 ankle sprain, Grade-2 ankle sprain and Grade-4 ankle sprain. Succeeding paragraphs will provide you brief information about these forms.

  • Grade-1 Ankle Sprain: Pull of ligament or mild tear are the main characteristics of this form of ankle sprain. Though the sprain is painful it is still capable of bearing the pressure of weight and can be self-treated.
  • Grade-2 Ankle Sprain: It has comparatively larger tear of ligament. However, such tear is not complete. The pain in severe in this form of sprain. Further, ankle may not be able to bear the weight.
  • Grade-3 Ankle Sprain: It is considered as worst form of sprain. In this form the ligament or ligaments tears completely. The pain is acute. You will not be able to move ankle or even touch ankle without experiencing pain. Surgery is required for repair of such sprains.

Causes behind of Ankle Sprain

Sudden twist of ankle is the most common cause. Such twist may occur due to sports activities like running, jumping or even due to abnormal walking condition.

Treatment of Ankle Sprain

If you suspect that you have developed ankle sprain, applying ice pack on the affected area, with an aim of avoiding or reducing swelling, is first step towards treatment. When you visit doctor he will ascertain that the twist has not resulted in fracture, after taking X-ray.

Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate affected area (RICE) is considered as best method for treating sprains. However, is severs cases of sprain, surgical repair of tendons that supports the ankle may be required.

Generally, recovery of ankle sprains takes about 3 to 7 weeks. However, the swelling may remain even for moths.