Gastric Disorders - Causes and Treatments
Gastritis is the most common digestive disorder, which causes chronic stomach inflammation and in extreme cases may even lead to stomach ulcer. If you are frequently suffering from this avoidable agony, it's better to take it seriously to shun worsening of case.

Allergies and Air Filters

Air Filters

Use of Air Filters is one of the common methods of avoiding occurrence of allergies. Air Filters helps in allergy treatment by reducing the invasion of dust and other pollen particles, present in the air, in the human body.

Definition of Air Filters

In simple words Air Filters are mechanical devices used for removal of dust and other pollen substances from the air before entering the human body.

Who should use Air Filters?

AIR Filters have been recommended by two premier agencies – working for relief from allergies – in the United States namely American Lung Association and United States Environmental Protection Agency, for use by people suffering from asthma and allergies.

Various Types of Air Filters

Air Filters are categorized mainly in five categories namely Mechanical Air Filters, Electronic Air Filters, Hybrid Air Filters, Gas phase air filters and Ozone generators. Succeeding paragraphs will provide you brief important information about these air filters.

Mechanical Air Filters:
Following are the main characteristics of Mechanical filters.

  • In this type of filters, the air is forced through a specially designed screen to trap allergens like dust mites, pollens and pet dander and other particles before the air is inhaled by an individual.
  • Mechanical Air Filters are also useful in capturing irritant particles like tobacco smoke – which can lead to allergy.

Electronic Air Filters: As is evident from the nomenclature, certain types of electrical charges are used in this type of filter. With the help of these electrical charges the filters attract and deposit irritants and allergens.

Hybrid Air Filters: As is suggestive from the nomenclature hybrid filters are nothing but the combination of mechanical filters and electronic filters. The main purpose of trapping pollens and other irritant/allergic particles remain unchanged.

Gas Phase Filters: Gas Phase Air Filters are distinguished from other types of air filters with the following characteristics.

Mechanical filters, electronic filters and hybrid filters remove dust particles and other pollens from the air however these filters are of little help when it comes to removal of non-particulate substances like gases. The removal of non-particulate substances (mainly gases/odor) is done by Gas Phase filters. Gas phase filters can remove odors produced by the gasses emitted from building materials, paints, cooking gas and perfume etc. However, Gas phase filters are not capable of removing allergens.

Ozone Generators: Unarguably ozone is an important factor in the environment that helps us in getting clean air. It is said that ozone works as an air cleanser. Polluted air is main cause behind appearance of many types of allergies. The effectiveness of natural Ozone – as an air cleanser – is nullified by the pollens. To make good for this and provide clean air ozone generators are designed to produce ozone and clean the air. It is like a mechanical device. However, the American Lung Association and Environment Protection Association of the United States do not recommend use of Ozone generators.

Selecting a best suiting Air Filter

From whatever disease or medical condition one may be suffering from. Everyone wish to have a right treatment and get early relief from the ailment. Like other diseases, assessing your requirements correctly is the first step towards selection of best suiting air filter.

Not only for the allergy treatment, but selecting a right method of treatment plays an important role in avoiding worsening condition and providing early relief. One must assess his requirements and ensure that the air filter he intends to buy suffice the purpose. Let us elaborate on this aspect. If a person is buying an air filter for obtaining relief from allergies he will surely wish that the filter he is going to by is of the high efficiency percentage. The higher efficiency percentage will provide him protection against more types of pollutants as these high efficiency percentage traps more pollutants.

Assessing the amount of footage coverage (you wish that your air filter should provide you) and right type of air filter is next step in selection of best suiting air filter for you.

Following are the some of the common features of a standard air filter. You must pay attention to these features while buying an air filter to treat your allergies.

  • Ensure that the filter has adequate frequency of cleaning
  • The manufacturer has offered warranty in case of malfunctioning or dysfunction of the air filter
  • Size and efficiency percentage (both small and large particles) and square footage coverage of the air filter
  • Cost of the air filter
  • Power source and noise level of the air filter
  • Layers of filtration media
  • Provision of anti-microbial media core
  • Provision of pull tab (for easy removal of filter)