Causes & Treatment of Gastric Problems

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The malfunctioning of any of the various organs or abnormal functioning in the digestive system causes gastric problem amongst a huge number of people.  These problems include gas, acidity, ulcers, food poisoning and gastritis to name a few. An ailment of the digestive system lays low even the strongest as it wears us down both mentally and physically. Thus it is important to be able to prevent them or treat them if necessary.


All gastric problem symptoms are generally among the following:

  • Pain and/or discomfort in the area around the upper abdomen.
  • Nausea.
  • Increased flatulence or belching.
  • A constant feeling of bloating or fullness.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Heartburn.

In some cases, only one or two of these symptoms might be present or in others all of these symptoms might be there. It generally depends on how your body and digestive system reacts to the problem and which problem or ailment from which you are suffering.


The causes of these problems vary. In case of food poisoning, the cause is basically the ingestion of bacteria that may be present in rotten or old food or a particular substance that is alien to your digestive tract.

Gastritis is caused by excessive intake of alcohol or steroidal medication that inflames the lining of the stomach and can result in the above stated symptoms. Gas, acidity and ulcers are generally caused by an unhealthy diet and/or lifestyle. Eating of too many carbohydrates, drinking to many sodas could lead to gas and acidity and coupled with a stressful lifestyle could result in ulcers.


Gastric problems symptom’s treatment is done depending on the cause of those symptoms. Once the cause is isolated, you can begin treatment which could be as simple as a soft diet or taking antibiotics.

Food poisoning is one problem that requires antibiotic treatment. If you find yourself violently ill out of the blue, it could be food poisoning and you should consult a doctor who can prescribe the required medication.

In case of gas and acidity, the treatment includes a change of diet. So all gas inducing foods like carbohydrates, broccoli, wheat, fizzy drinks etc will need to be stopped. In case of acidity you might require non-prescription drugs like anti-acids.

Treatment of gastritis varies with the severity of the case and could include antibiotics, anti-acids, soft diets etc. Ulcers also have a similar treatment and again its treatment depends on the individual case. In case of ulcers and gastritis, people should rely on a doctor for treatment.

In all cases of gastric problems, prevention is easier, as all one has to do is follow a steady and healthy diet and lifestyle.

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